Cameron has now achieved his goal of silencing all those exposing high level paedophilia on the internet

By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

Unless the British public wakes up to this censorship, Cameron has now achieved his goal of silencing all those exposing high level paedophilia and child trafficking on the internet…. which was probably his plan all along.

Cameron’s “opt-out controls” for internet users is turning out to be a clever con trick, which is effectively gagging all debate on paedophilia in public life.

Unless you instruct your internet provider that you want to opt out of these new controls, any websites or url addresses mentioning the word ‘sex’ will vanish from your user experience – and be replaced with a steady stream of fluffy kittens and the latest on the ‘war of terror’ from the BBC.

The sifting algorithm installed by the Chinese tech companies is using such broad brushstrokes, it can’t differentiate between a paedophile ring and a cricket club in Sussex.

Websites which contain the word ‘sex’ in their content or urls, like those supporting the victims of child sex abuse, and any web material exposing paedophilia in high places, have all fallen foul of Cameron’s blitzkrieg – and all done in the name of protecting children from internet porn.

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are installing this censorship in a gradual roll-out, and TalkTalk is expected to automatically opt-in their users this week. New users will be asked if they want to be opted in. But existing users will not be told that they’ve had these gagging measures installed, and even should the ISPs decide to email their existing customers about it, it will be presented as the universal remedy for online child sex porn. Most people won’t even realise that the ISPs are operating these controls on their user experience, let alone know how to opt out of them.

According to an article in the Guardian, Sky, BT and Virgin Media are being pressurised by Downing Street to do the same.

Sky has said that its Broadband Shield software, which is provided to all of its customers, would be automatically switched on unless users had opted out.

Sky’s brand director, Lyssa McGowan, said the mandatory filters would be rolled out over the next 10 days. “Knowing our customers and the internet as we do, we believe this is the right and simplest solution to a problem we all know is out there,” she said.

The remaining two major providers, BT and Virgin Media, are coming under pressure to follow suit with content blocks. The prime minister has said that internet companies must do more to protect children.

BT said it is consulting with its customers to ask them whether they want to have the tool introduced. Only Virgin Media gives its users a voluntary opt-in option – to turn on the software if they want it.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said the company was not reviewing its opt-in system: “We believe people should have the tools and advice to make the decisions that are right for them. This is why we invested in our Switched On Families guide and all our customers have been offered free parental controls, but it is their choice as to whether to use them.”

Of course, if Cameron was really worried about child pornography, he would have the IPs of the offending websites tracked down and their owners arrested. It’s easy enough to do if you have the means, which he does.  But it’s all just been a classic example of window dressing to hide what he really wanted to do, and that is to silence the alternative media debate on the sexual abuse of children by those in the corridors of power who pull his strings, and particularly those grandees in his own party.

Social media is now just starting to wake up to this con trick, and Facebook and Twitter are raging about it. However, if the full roll-out of these controls go ahead, with all ISPs, it will all just be a storm in a tea cup.

Until now, the internet has been the main driver of all the exposures on the sex and drugs corruption at the heart of power in this country. The national newspapers were following way behind, dragging their feet, and only forced to finally publish revelations because they were losing readers to the alternative media. Now internet petitions will be even more useless than before, and any campaigning to expose politicians and other paedophiles in public office will be effectively silenced.

These filters are not just about blocking pornography. The Metropolitan police are currently producing a list of websites for the filtering services which they regard as terror-related – and a further range of content is already being blocked related to drugs, alcohol, tobacco and anorexia. Also expected to fall under the relentless tread of this robotic jack boot are blogs like this one, The Holistic Works, which espouse natural health, otherwise known as alternative health and mind-body-spirit healing such as Reiki and shamanism.

So if you’re in the UK and you want to continue following us and to enjoy freedom of speech on the internet, you will need to contact your ISP provider – the company that provides your broadband – and tell them not to include you in these new draconian measures. You will need to ask them to ‘opt you out’. The other alternative is to switch to Virgin Media.

Cameron is banking on most UK internet users being too apathetic to bother. He may be right… but I hope not!

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