A Surprising Spice Which May Turn Off Cancer Gene

Orthodox medicine insists that 95 per cent of cancer is in the genes you inherit, writes PAUL FASSA. But how your genes react to environmental and dietary influences is far more important. That area of research is called epigenetics and it has found that certain genes which help prevent cancer are turned off with certain foods, while other foods turn on genes to fight cancer. Avoid or minimise sugar

Of course, avoiding or rminimising sugar doesn’t mean replacing it with aspartame or other toxic sweeteners. It does mean avoiding high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). It also means avoiding refined grains. Apparently, the cancer industry has ignored 1930s Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg’s discovery that cancer cells thrive on glucose and die in oxygen rich environments. Cancer cells are cells that have lost their ability to use oxygen for metabolizing like normal cells. So they ferment glucose to metabolise and multiply. And how does the cancer industry respond to this Nobel Prize winning discovery? They ignore it.

Those of us who are not stricken with cancer have a few cancer cells floating around that haven’t caused damage. So why encourage those cells? MDs who stay in the medical monopoly box don’t believe nutrition is important. Getting the advice offered here from the average MD/oncologist to prevent cancer just won’t happen. They may lose some business.

Cancer patients are even given menus that promote sugary cookies, cakes, and puddings on refined grain platforms as tasty treats to enjoy. Consequently, while getting chemo drugs pumped in or radiation therapy that kills both cancer and normal cells, the cancer cells are being nourished.

While Max Gerson was developing his cancer curing dietary protocol in Paris, he was once alarmed with the lack of progress among some of his patients. Then he discovered that an employee was slipping pastries to those patients. When this was stopped, recovery with his protocol resumed among them.

Curcumin (turmeric) turns on anti-cancer genes

Medical researcher Dr. Ajay Goel, PhD, has determined that most cancers arise from epigenetic influences. He has focused on finding those foods or spices that turn on cancer killing genes. Currently, his pet project involves curcumin. He has discovered that the curcumin’s cancer preventative or killer genes do work on strains of colon cancer cells thus far.

Dr. Goel observed an almost immediate reaction in the DNA of those curcumin loaded cells as the protective genes were immediately turned on. He predicts that curcumin will work on most other strains of cancer cells as well. And he intends to find more foods or spices that will turn on genes to turn off cancer.

Two possible reasons that Dr. Goel chose curcumin for his epigenetic cancer research are: India, a nation with a very low cancer rate, uses curry often to season much of their dishes. Curry contains curcumin. And now curcumin is being studied by western medical scientists to isolate and synthetically mimic what helps the brain resist and relieve Alzheimer’s disease and what helps stroke victims rebuild new brain cells.

Then it’s patent time and Big Pharma gets another market edge. But we currently have access to curcumin/turmeric at a fraction of pharmaceutical pricing.

Curcumin also reduces inflammation of any type. The only issue is absorption. It needs help from piperine in black pepper to survive the stomach and get into the intestines. Spicy curry sauces carry curcumin through. Curcumin capsules should be enteric coated to get past the stomach.

You are in better shape for preventing and even for curing cancer by minimising or avoiding sugar and refined carbs while consuming lots of curcumin.

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