VESICA PUBLISHING is a small publishing house based in Glastonbury, Somerset, England, which specialises in esoteric books.

We have published a number of books around that take a deep dive into the ancient Mystery Teachings, the underlying metaphors in myths, star wisdom, shamanic Earth magic, the spirit of Sovereignty birthed from the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon and sacred sexuality.

Carry on reading for a brief synopsis of each book with links to more information and where to buy them.


by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

In The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, Annie Dieu-Le-Veut lays out in detail how shamanic sex has been used, throughout history, to prepare pharaohs, kings, tsars and sultans for Sovereignty. This is because it is a shamanic technique that leads alchemically to a superior intelligence and self-empowerment which is a direct result of interacting with beings who inhabit a parallel universe to this one – another dimension – from whom man has traditionally gained his knowledge about his place and purpose on Earth and in the cosmos.

In ancient times, the ability to tap into this superior wisdom through sex magic was transmitted to rulers by a cuen or hierodule, one who was in touch with these extra-dimensional beings or life forms that are also known as the spirits.

The ignition of the shamanic force gave the rulers of antiquity the power of Sovereignty through firing up their higher brain centres, leading to the generation of wisdom and thus the ability and the right to reign.


by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

In Stories in the Stars, you will learn from Annie Dieu-Le-Veut that ancient myths are like Trojan horses which carry our ancestors’ voices with spiritual messages they buried in these tales in the form of astrological and alchemical metaphors. Over thousands of years, these orally-transmitted wisdom stories have been twisted and bastardised into fake histories in order to serve various and changing political imperatives.

However, our ancestors were wise enough to draw these myths out in the stars, because while political mindsets will ever dictate the ebb and flow of the tides of man on the world stage, the stars are always with us.

Once you realise how easy it is to decode these stories, then they are able to “speak to you” in your own life, so you will be able to understand better the ancient path that been trodden for countless millennia towards spiritual enlightenment, and you will feel bolstered and heartened as you go forwards along your own way.


by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

In Stories in the Summerlands, shaman Annie Dieu-Le-Veut shares her insight into the hidden treasures buried in an enchanted enclosure of hills and vales in Somerset, England known as Avalon.

As you are guided along a pilgrimage into the secret places of this esoteric landscape, you will come upon the real site of Arthur’s grave, and the location of the recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone, which the medieval alchemist John Dee told his patrons he’d found in Glastonbury. You will also come to understand the metaphorical meanings of the stories about Jesus and his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea who, as Blake’s poem told us, “walked upon England’s mountains green.”

You don’t have to come to Avalon to enjoy this book: once you start reading, Avalon will come to you, wherever you are in the world. And it will give you a deeper understanding about how the story of your spiritual evolution is told in the stars and then impregnated into the land itself, to remind you of your destiny.


by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

THE FIRST BOOK of The Glastonbury Chronicles recounts the rite-of-passage to manhood adventures of the child of Gwyddion and Arianrhod. The very name ‘Gwyddion’ means ‘wise one of the forests’, and so who better to turn each walk in the countryside into a magical mystery tour to a dragon’s cave of esoteric treasures?

As we follow his son through the trials and challenges designed to help him develop the cunning and the wisdom he will need to fill his father’s shoes, we also benefit from the teachings he receives on bird magic, flower magic, tree magic, star magic and weather magic. In this way, we undergo a similar metamorphosis. So we are not the same person that we were when we first entered this forest and we may even begin whispering to dragons ourselves…

But this is not just a tale about magic …

Each chapter of The Dragon Whisperer’s Son is devoted to bringing to life one of the twelve psychological subconscious archetypes – such as The Ruler, The Lover, The Sage, The Magician and The Fool – making every episode of  an object lesson about what happens when a human gets stuck in one of their shadows.

So you may recognise lost parts of your self in those Shadowlands, and when you do, it will nourish the seeds of your dreams and visions, and help you find a way through to wholeness.


by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

IN THE SECOND BOOK of The Glastonbury Chronicles, you will once again join with the twin souls Gwyddion and Arianrhod and follow their escapades across worlds within worlds as they continue to grow in their spiritual realisations and to heal their past lives. In this way, you will also benefit from the lessons they learn as they meet the challenges necessary for their alchemical inner growth which will lead them to full spiritual enlightenment.

The Bright World of the Gods is a twisting, romantic adventure abounding with archetypal characters that have stepped straight out of the Shadowlands of the Celtic Twilight such as Arawn,  the Lord of the Underworld, Elen of the Trackways, Gwyn ap Nudd, Bridie, Creiddylad, Taliesen, Morgan the Fae and the Old Man of the Sea, Manawydan, whose golden dragon ship is the only vehicle that can cross dimensions.

So you may just want to enjoy this epic tale on a superficial level, as a beautiful love story full of weaving, intriguing mystery tours and thrilling ferris wheel rides   – which is fine. But those looking for keys to open fairy doorways into deeper esoteric teachings will also find them here along with the instructions on how to unlock them.

Either way, you’re welcome just to relax and wander through the wondrous hills and dales of The Bright World of the Gods, and let its enchanted flowers seed the gardens of your own Dreamscapes so that it can do its magic there and give you insights into your own destiny – and the meaning of your life.


by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

THE THIRD BOOK of The Glastonbury Chronicles is a veritable magic carpet ride through the Shadowlands of the Celtic Twilight in which the trials met by the characters mirror our own inner challenges that we have to face along the winding, serpentine journey to self-sovereignty and wholeness.

In The Grail Mysteries, we follow the romantic adventures across worlds within worlds of the twin souls Arianrhod and Gwyddion. And we are enlightened by the Virgo Teachings received by a prostitute living in post-Roman Glastonbury, whose late middle-age is utterly transformed when she discovers that she comes from a long line of hierodules and is thus a true queen.

The Grail Mysteries is an account of her awakening as she learns that a real royal queen is not necessarily one who is anointed with oil on her forehead by the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is one who carries the fairy blood and who is anointed by the inner elixirs that flow from the awakening of the Black and Gold serpents during shamanic sex magic with the Divine.

We learn with that an authentic queen only wears a crown on her head to symbolise that the crown in her cranium has been alchemically fired up into the colours of peacock by the Red and White serpentine drops falling on to her pineal gland, or Third Eye, which gives her greater vision and wisdom.

In this way, a genuine queen holds the inner Crown Jewels – the treasures of the nation, which have been passed into her safekeeping by the spirits of the land, otherwise known as the Fae.

Along with many of the characters you have come to know and love in the previous two books, you will also join Myrddin (Merlin) and the dwarves in their quest to bury the Thirteen Treasures of Britain for the protection of the sovereignty of the land. It is a race against time as Bricriu of the Poison Tongue and Vlak the Dragon Slayer furiously use every magical means possible – including the Eye of Gonosz – to stop them and steal it.

Also by Vesica Publishing


by John Board

If you’d like to know more about holistic health therapies, you could do no better than John Board’s Everyman Guide style book, The Therapy Book, which contains all you need to know, in the simplest of terms, about how to choose the best holistic health therapy for your needs.

This is the ultimate natural health reference book for your shelves, with comprehensive information on more than 200 holistic, alternative and complementary health therapies in an easily understandable format.

The Therapy Book is easily searchable, uses plain language and is organised into easy-to-digest, bite-sized chunks, so you will soon know…

  • what each therapy is
  • how each therapy works
  • what each therapy can be used for
  • whether the therapy is effective
  • whether there are any known side effects

The Therapy Book is the perfect gift for discerning individuals who like to look after their own health and wellbeing, as well as holistic health practitioners who wish to use it as a comprehensive resource with which to continue their professional development.