The Best Holistic Stress Therapies for Coping With Global Changes


It shouldn’t have needed a scientific survey to tell us this. But apparently, at this difficult time of global economic crisis, people are more stressed about their financial health than their actual health. However, if they don’t get this stress under control, their actual health will soon begin to suffer.

The Hopes And Fears survey found that nearly a third of people believe their biggest concern will be money-related.

This includes worries about not be able to make ends meet, sinking into further debt, a friend or family member having money problems and the possibility of sinking into a double-dip recession.

Health came in second place, with 23% saying they were concerned about their own wellbeing or that of family members.

Opinium Research, which carried out the study, said this was an about-turn from six months ago, when health was the biggest concern in its research and finance came second.

Stress management therapy

James Endersby, managing director of Opinium Research, said: “What is alarming is the number of different financial concerns that now top people’s worries, demonstrating that consumers do not see an end in sight for these fiscal troubles.

“The fact that more people are now scared of money problems over health problems for themselves really paints a picture on where people’s minds are.”

Stress has been proven to be a factor in many diseases. Medical research has found a direct link between diseases and stress. Some estimates say 40 – 80 per cent of all visits to doctors may be directly related to stress.

Diseases brought on my stress include heart disease, chronic fatigue, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, peptic ulcers, viruses, headaches, migraines and alcoholism, to name but a few.

At The Therapy Book, we have lots of information on therapies which have been proven to make a significant difference to those suffering from stress, including stress management therapy in which the client takes a proactive role in learning how to reduce their own stress.

Of course, undertaking any kind of therapy won’t make your money troubles go away. It will take a turn in the world’s economy to do that. But it will help you to find a way to cope with the stress, for instance, by teaching you techniques to stop yourself laying awake at night worrying, which just make matters worse.

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