When the body ‘talks to’ the therapist about its needs

pexels-photo-356053.jpegby Ishtar Dingir

It’s not often that I feel moved to write about a new holistic health treatment. But after two Bodytalk sessions, I’m feeling so improved on every level — mind, body and spirit — that I want to spread the good news.

I first tried out Bodytalk about a month ago. I was reading Tarot cards at a Mind-Body-Spirit Fayre, and Alice Najmanová was a few stalls along from me with her Bodytalk system. In a lull, we got chatting and shortly afterwards, Alice offered me a free taster session. As usual, my lower back was giving me a lot of trouble as it had done for years and years, off and on, and so I gratefully accepted.

Alice quickly identified that the problem was in my sacrum and stemmed from an event in my life 15 years ago. I jumped with surprise because I was assaulted 15 years ago in a way in which I’d felt violated in my inmost being. (I later learned that the sacrum was thus named because it used to be regarded as the most sacred bone in the body. The event certainly had caused me to feel, on an emotional level, that my inner sanctum had been desecrated and destroyed.)

After the diagnosis, Alice then went to work with the healing part of the Bodywork system, which is based upon a synthesis of:

•    Western medical expertise
•    Energy dynamics of acupuncture
•    Osteopathic and chiropractic philosophy
•    Clinical findings of Applied Kinesiology
•    Insights of modern physics and mathematics

Body ‘talks’ to therapist

The Bodytalk system — so-called because the body itself ‘talks’ to the therapist — was invented by an Australian chiropractor, acupuncturist, philosopher and author, Dr John Veltheim. He had been the principal of the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies for several years, before his postgraduate studies into Applied Kinesiology, bio-energetic therapy, osteopathy, sports medicine and counselling led him into developing Bodytalk.

Directly after my treatment with Alice, I did notice an immediate improvement. But I was surprised to find that the improvement also carried on for days and weeks afterwards. And not just on the level of physicality. New thoughts and feelings were percolating through my system and on the emotional level, I began to get in touch with what was really ailing me.

The sacrum is governed by the second chakra, which relates to sexual reproduction. I had been deliberately infertile since the birth of my daughter almost 40 years ago. The pregnancy had caused me to develop a condition which rendered the Ph balance within the fallopian tubes to be too acid for life to form.

I had been offered an operation at the time, to clear this condition, which, I was told, had “a 40 – 50 per cent success rate.” At the time, my first marriage was breaking down, and I wasn’t in a position to be having any more children. So I asked the doctors what would happen if we just left it. “Nothing at all,” I was reassured, “there would be no side effects.” And on a purely physical level, which is the only level this kind of medicine is interested in, they were right.

However, I was barren and in a holistic way, over time, my life also gradually became barren. Without wishing to go into too much of a sob story, although my life on the surface looked to be a success, inside, it began to feel like an emotional Wasteland.

A few weeks later, and Alice and I found ourselves back at the same fayre again, and she greeted with me surprise.

“Goodness, you look amazing,” she said. “You seem like a different person. So much lighter…”

Certainly, the lower back was no longer causing me pain.

We found time to do another treatment, and this time, by testing through Kinesiology techniques, Alice correctly identified the problem within the fallopian tubes and cleared it.


The treatment went so deep, I felt quite wobbly and light-headed afterwards. But later on, I began to feel really well and content in a deeper way than I’ve felt in a long time. As the days have gone on, I’ve felt better and better every day, and with new realisations coming to me in my dreams about how to attract a more abundant life.

I lay in bed this morning and marvelled at how pain-free my body felt, not just in the lower back area but all over. With increased age (I’m 60 this year), I’d been beginning to get areas of chronic inflammation in my body, caused by a lifetime of self-inflicted misuse and abuse, no doubt, but also because of the passage of time.

Bodytalk therapists put this down to communication breakdown which occurs, over time,  within the cells of the body, and which they help to restore. This, they say, is achieved by resynchronising the body’s own systems so that they can operate again as Nature intended.

Well, I know this isn’t really “scientific” and I don’t know if any tests have been done to prove the efficacy of Bodytalk. But on an anecdotal level, all I can say is, it is working for me …. and ancedotes can save lives. It’s definitely improved mine!

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