The science behind sound therapy

amazing-animal-beautiful-beautifull.jpgBy renown sound healer, Jonathan Goldman

Sound is among the most transformative and healing energies on the planet. It can relax us and make us calm, or move us to great heights of emotion. Sound can restore balance and harmony to our lives and make us healthy and well. Conversely, sound also has the ability to adversely affect us and bring our already stressed-out vibratory rates to new levels of imbalance and disharmony. Why and how? What is the difference in the sounds that make us healthy and those that distress us? Perhaps the most profound scientific work showing the power of sound to effect shape and form was researched by Dr. Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor and scientist who spent ten years of his life examining the effects that sound had on shape and formation.

Jenny photographed plastics, pastes, liquids, powders, and other substances as they were being vibrated by sound. The results of these experiments are truly awe-inspiring for they show extremely organic shapes being created from inorganic substances merely be exposing them to different sound frequencies. The different substances, which were once blobs of inorganic matter take on varying geometric form and begin to look like living creatures: starfish, human cells, microscopic life.

Everything has a resonant frequency

In his book, Cymatics, Dr. Jenny wrote:

“Now it is beyond doubt that where organization is concerned, the harmonic figures of physics are in fact, essentially similar to the harmonic patterns of organic nature…we have the certain experience that harmonic systems such as we have visualized in our experiments arise from oscillations in the form of intervals and harmonic frequencies. That is indisputable.”

According to Dr. Hans Jenny, harmonious shapes and harmonic frequencies are interrelated. Through Jenny’s experiments and research we have proof that different sounds create different forms. This phenomenon is one of the basic principles of healing with sound, the principle of “resonance.

Modern physics has verified that we are all vibrating atomic and sub-atomic particles. Everything has a resonant frequency, the frequency it most naturally vibrates at. From the chair you may be sitting onto the pages of this magazine. Every part of your body also has a resonant frequency.

Illness is an out-of-tune body

A concept of disease, observed by the ancients, and now speculated by certain scientists such as Itzhak Bentov in his book Stalking The Wild Pendulum is that illness is an out of tune behavior of the body. When something becomes diseased, its frequency changes and it begins to vibrate differently than it once did. Through sound, it may be possible to apply harmonizing vibrations which will cause the body to become ‘in tune’ again.

In a healthy body, every organ, bone, tissue, and other part is producing balanced frequencies that create a healthy harmonic of the entire body. A healthy body is like an orchestra playing a marvelous and natural symphony, the “Suite of the Self’. But what happens if the third violin player from the end loses their sheet music? They begin to play the wrong notes in the wrong rhythm. The ‘Suite of the Self’ begins to sour and this is what we call disease.

Continuing with this image, we find that traditional allopathic medicine would probably cut off the head of this violin player in order to alleviate the problem. But what would happen if we could somehow give this violin player back the sheet music? What if we could project the correct resonant frequency back into the imbalanced organ and allow it to vibrate to its normal healthy frequency again?

Dr. Peter Guy Manners, a British scientist who has created the Cymatic Instrument, which projects sounds into the body for healing, describes this phenomenon of resonant frequency healing this way:

“A healthy organ will have its molecules working together in a harmonious relationship with each other and will all be of the same pattern. If different sound patterns enter into the organ, the harmonious relationship could be upset…they may establish their disharmonious pattern in the organ, bone tissue, etc., and this is what we call disease. If therefore, a treatment contains a harmonic frequency pattern which will reinforce the organs, the vibrations of the intruders will be neutralized and the correct pattern for that organ reestablished. This should constitute a curative reaction.”

The power of intention

There is another concept which the ancients understood and which will eventually be recognized by modern scientists. This is the concept of “intention“, the understanding that sound has the ability to transmit the intention of the one creating the sound to the one receiving the sound. Intention is the energy behind the sound. It is the thought and will which we have when making the sound.

If you are angry or sad when making a sound, despite the frequency of the sound (which creates its resonance), the effect of the sound will convey anger or sadness. Conversely, if we are happy or joyful when we create the sound, its effect, regardless of the actual sound being created, will be one of joy.

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