Holistic therapy help for Alzheimer’s disease

It’s good to hear that there’s a new computer programme which uses brain scans to spot Alzheimer’s Disease early being tested by the NHS. And that the test, which was developed at Maudsley Hospital and Kings College London, delivers results that are 85 per cent accurate in just 24 hours.

However, early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is a bit of a mixed blessing when orthodox medicine has not yet any cure for the disease, or even anything to help it.
On the other hand, there are some holistic therapies which may be able to help patients with Alzheimer’s, and one of these is neuro cranial reconstruction therapy.

What is neuro cranial reconstruction therapy?

Neuro cranial reconstruction or neuro cranial restructuring therapy is a manipulative type of treatment which is said to re-align and restore the shape of the skull and also to rehydrate the brain.

Neuro cranial reconstruction is purportedly effective with treating a great many conditions because of the links between the head, spine and rest of the body. It is believed that by using the correct manipulation, neuro cranial reconstruction can free the body of headaches and of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, dyslexia and glaucoma to name just a few.

How does neuro cranial reconstruction therapy work?

Neuro cranial reconstruction works by freeing connections between the tissues in the head. These are connections which have fused together as a result of some kind of trauma, for example, a car accident or a sporting injury, or may just be connections which happen over time as we age. When these tissues are connected, it is believed that long-term problems occur as a result. Hence freeing these connections allows our body to perform at its peak and rids us of other ailments and conditions.

The patient is specially positioned according to what area is being treated. Next a small balloon, called an ‘endonasal balloon’ is inserted into the nostril and quickly inflated then removed. Treatments are usually conducted four days in a row and four treatments may be enough, or more may be required depending on what is being treated.

Is neuro cranial reconstruction therapy an effective form of therapy?

Being a relatively new form of therapy which is not practised widely around the world, there has so far been little research into the effectiveness of neuro cranial restructuring therapy.

Without medical evidence and properly conducted tests, there is much scepticism about the effectiveness of neuro cranial reconstruction therapy in the mainstream medical world. However, ancedotal evidence is quite encouraging.

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