Get lots of FREE stuff from The Therapy Book

We’d hate you to think that we’re blowing our own trumpet, but there is so much that The Therapy Book offers absolutely FREE of charge. So we want you to know all about that, so that you can get the most of out knowing us.

Why do we give so much away? Well, we took the view about a year ago that we needed to support the holistic health community throughout this time of recession.  It was important to us that complementary health solutions survives as a way of providing everybody with viable alternative options for wellness.

In addition, we are increasingly aware of ‘mystery illnesses’ that are occurring from the effects of chemtrails pollution, genetically-modified food and over-prescribing of anti-biotics and other pharmaceutical drugs which cause side effects. For all of those reasons, it’s all the more important that all who can do support a natural way of regaining health and wellness.

FREE Practitioners Directory Listing

So if you’re a therapist or a health practitioner of any kind, please take advantage of our free listing offer in our Practitioners’ Directory. Just fill in this Practitioners’ Directory form.  It doesn’t take a minute. We are pledging to keep these listings free until the end of the recession.

FREE Information About GMO and Monsanto Foods

You may be thinking that shops in the UK are not allowed to sell GM or Monsanto foods, but this is not correct. Under European legislation, they are perfectly entitled to stock GM and/or Monsanto foods, and frequently do.

We are currently asking UK supermarkets to provide us with a list of all foods that they stock which either contain genetically–modified ingredients or are produced from companies owned by Monsanto.

Please fill in this Contact Form if you’d like to be added to the mailing list, and we’ll send you the results when we’ve compiled them.

FREE Support Groups Listing

We are in the process of putting together a directory of support groups. If you know of such a group that you would like to be listed, just fill in this Listings Form.

FREE Trial Membership

Joining The Therapy Book for a free 10-day trial will give you access to full and comprehensive information on hundreds of therapies that are cross referenced to the therapies which are used for certain health conditions. Take out a FREE 10-day trial membership here.


We’re continually at the forefront of all campaigns which are lobbying against Monsanto, GMOs and the spraying of chemtrails. Please sign our petition here about chemtrails over Glastonbury Tor, which we’re using as a test case. We are also quite vociferous in raising awareness about Agenda 21, a United Nations program of which chemtrails and GM foods are part and parcel.

So we hope that’s given you a bit of a flavour of what’s available to you from The Therapy Book completely FREE of charge.

If at the end of of all that, you’d like to actually spend some money with us, you can buy THE THERAPY BOOK here. Just click on the book cover below for this indispensible E-guide. (But don’t worry, it’s not obligatory!).

Please help us to continue supplying you with all the most up-to-date information on health and wellbeing – and also about how it is under attack. A small donation would make a huge difference to our research…Please give here.


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