Everything We Think We Know About Genes Is Wrong

First of all, *they* told us that if it’s written in our genes, we’re stuck with it … and so if great-great-great-great-great-great Aunt Agatha suffered from piles, we’re likely to suffer from piles too and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Then it turned out that all that was wrong … we can in fact, change our genetic make-up, according to the new science of epigenetics, through diet and exercise …

And so just when we were getting used to that new paradigm, up pops the ever-brilliant development biologist Bruce Lipton with an even more astounding discovery… that it isn’t our genes that dictate our lives, but that our beliefs dictate the activation of our genes. 

Shamans have known this forever … that not only we are what we eat, but we are also what we think … and that ‘thoughts are things‘ and that ‘energy grows where attention goes‘ etc etc…But it’s exciting to me to see that finally scientists are catching up with this understanding, and verifying and validating this truth through laboratory work.

But it really opens up a huge debate …. about how what we’ve been taught to believe has disempowered us, whereas this new discovery re-empowers us. And the misuse and abuse of power is at the heart of all the maladies of the modern world.

This is from the blog of the author of An Epigenetic Guide to Wellness, George Febish.

A fantastic two-part video by Dr Bruce Lipton discusses how modern biology is totally wrong. He points out how we are not controlled by our genes but our genes are activated by our perception of the environment.

This perception can be wrong and then it becomes our beliefs that control our genes. In my book and this BLOG, I discuss this in-depth. What we eat, how we think and how much stress we have along with exercise communicates to our brain and then to each cell in our bodies. This communication causes each cell to REACT to this ENVIRONMENTAL STIMULUS.

This part one video is an hour in length but well worth the time. It will have a profound effect on how you think and more importantly how your thinking is effecting your body and health. Bruce says as I do in my book, that we are not victims of our genes but of our beliefs and perceptions.

A cell on its own deals directly with the environment and reacts to it but a cell living in a community (as all multi-celled organisms are) is blocked by its brain and senses from the environment. Environmental stimulus first passes through one of our senses and then through our brains where our perceptions and beliefs effect the stimulus.

The modified stimulus is then passed on to each cell’s membrane where it can be accepted and cause a reaction within the cell. It is not the environment directly that affects the cell but our perception of it.

This is why some cancer patients become miraculously well when they refuse to be sick and die. If our perception and belief is one of illness and death it will come about. If our belief is one of health and living, that will happen as well.

Watch this video and part two tomorrow. It will help change your perceptions and beliefs to a more positive one.


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