Three easy steps to awakening powerful regenerative healing in the body

By Angelo Druda

The human body possesses a powerful healing and regenerative chemistry. Examples of sudden and extraordinary healing – so called miraculous healing, demonstrate what this rejuvenate potential can actually do when it is truly unlocked.

The great spiritual master Adi Da Samraj described a three part process that awakens this powerful regenerative energy. It should be understood and practiced by all those who are interested in a long and healthy life. The more concentration and practice there is in each of the three phases… the more powerful the healing and rejuvenation.

I. Foundation Phase – Purification
(Purification pertains to the blood)

The bloodstream is the body’s river of life, an incredible elixir that nourishes, moistens, and energizes the organ systems responsible for maintaining our physical existence. Because the blood performs so many crucial tasks in the body, keeping it pure and flowing is essential to our basic health and well being. When we detoxify the blood, we are establishing the foundation for health and rejuvenation. If the blood supply is permitted to become overloaded with toxins, then we are establishing the circumstance for inflammation, disease, reduced immunity and this suppresses the body’s powerful regenerative chemistry.

The following practices will serve the Foundation Phase of blood purity: eliminating manufactured junk foods, maximizing pure, raw and organic foods, colonics, lymphatic massage, sunbathing and herbal organ cleanses.

II. The Transformative Phase – Rebalancing
(Rebalancing pertains to the nervous system)

The autonomic nervous system never stops working as long as we are alive. Operating independent of our conscious awareness for twenty four hours a day, it keeps all of our organs and all of the machinery that supports our life, running. In addition, it also processes a torrent of information coming into our senses in every minute of our waking day. When the nervous system becomes overloaded, we experience stress or a disharmony in the two phases of the system. The more disharmony in the nervous system, the more the body secretes its own stress chemistry. This increases heart rate, narrows the circulatory system and pollutes the blood even more. Stress also suppresses the body’s powerful regenerative chemistry.

The following practices will serve the Transformative Phase of re-balancing: rest, pleasurable loving activities, massage, breathing exercises, conscious exercise, meditation, network chiropractic, acupuncture and harmonizing herbal formulas.

III. The Regenerative Phase Rejuvenation
(Rejuvenation pertains to the endocrine system)

A network of glands set deep in the body, the endocrine system’s pathways are the very means by which the energy and essences of nature are converted into the hormones and emotions of human life. The endocrine system has a reach that extends to literally every cell within us.

This unparalleled reach, combined with its immense capability to effect hormonal change across the spectrum of human functions, makes the endocrine system home to the body’s most profound regenerative potential. When the blood is pure and freely flowing, and when the nervous system is rebalanced and harmonized, we unlock the endocrine system’s deepest chemistry; we uncork the secret spring of the regenerative life.

The following practices will serve the Regenerative Phase of Rejuvenation: acupuncture, high potency super foods, Qi Gong, powerful hormonal precursor herbs.

Traditionally this three phase process would be practiced in the context of a deep healing retreat. Under such conditions the healing effects can be extraordinary. Even so, right practice in any of the three phases grants healing results.

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About the Author

Angelo Druda is a certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a member of The Australian Natural Therapist Association, and a senior educator in Mate Moce – the Ministry established by the great spiritual teacher Adi Da Samraj to instruct and serve human beings about the death process. Angelo’s seminars about ancient rejuvenation practices and the death process have been offered all over the world. He is the author of The Tao of Rejuvenation.

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