Easy hand reflexology you can do at your desk

It’s lovely to be able to take a break from our lives and lay back into a luxurious reflexology session with an experienced therapist. But many of us can’t afford either the time or the money, and so here are some quick reflexology tips that you can do yourself, even while you’re at work, and nobody need even know you’re doing it.

Hand reflexology is as effective as any other type of reflexology, and will give you the same results as doing it on the feet, although you will have to do it regularly and to massage each point to see any long term results.

However, in the short term, it’s great for removing and relieving headaches, constipation, shoulder aches.. and much much more.

Hand reflexology uses a different technique than that used on the feet.. mainly because the hands are very flexible and the reflexes are much deeper under the skin which means you need to reach deeper and hold for longer to stimulate a hand reflexology point. When working on the fingers, it’s good to rotate them.

But it’s very easy to do. Just take a look at the picture above. All you have to do is massage those points and give extra attention to where you think there’s a problem. For instance, if your sinuses feel a bit stuffy or blocked, just work along the fingers, massaging and rotating alternately.

Any kind of reflexology is great for increasing the blood flow, which is especially important when your legs have been trapped under a desk all day. It also opens blockages in the energy pathways that run through the body, thus giving you a boost for any overtime or late night meetings.

There is one other important tip which will make your desk-based reflexology even more effective. If you can, have a big glass of water before you start, and this will help the reflexology to ease any pain.


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