The Song of the Mayweed

pexels-photo-333779.jpegBy Ishtar of Ishtar’s Gate

This is the Song of the Mayweed, from plant shaman and sensitive Colin Kingshott. Here’s how it came about.

When Colin Kingshott came to visit me, he brought some tapes so that I could hear the different songs of the various flowers that he’d recorded. The songs that the flowers sing are not easy for the human ear – they use notes that we don’t normally hear.

Colin told me that he’d recorded the song of the mayweed, which is very calming, gentle and the ultimate in de-stressing, and then he took it along to a musician, Neil H, to see what he could do with it. Neil H then composed and recorded a wonderfully haunting melody around it. So you can hear the song of the mayweed in the background, while there’s a harmonising melody in the foreground.

“Mayweed is one of 4,000 plant sounds recorded directly from the Morphic field of the plant,” says Colin.

“The original sounds are recorded with a machine that I developed which reads the electrical signals and converts them into musical notes. From this, we can see if it is a rhythm, melody or harmony plant and what is its morphic note or formative note – the sound that creates the form.

“For instance, a snowdrop is musical note F in any country where it grows, although there can be differences in its melody due to illness experienced locally. Otherwise, these sounds are never corrupted.

“Each plant species has a two-hour time in the day when they send out a high accumulation of their morphic note, which sends a sound wave though the landscape ether, massaging it with a compression wave. Then the plant goes back into its resting rhythms.”

I loved the song of the mayweed as soon as Colin played it to me, and I instantly thought that John Board and I could turn into a video…. that way, we could create beautiful visuals to go with the beautiful sounds…. because Beauty heals too!

I just wanted to create something of pure Beauty that no matter how bad a day people had had, they could have this wonderful experience of Beauty to give them peace and joy in their hearts.

So I found some really beautiful pics and then John Board put the whole thing together into this short, 7-minute music video. I hope you like it!

By the way, I listened to the Song of the Mayweed last night before going to bed, and I had some wonderful dreams! You might like to try that too!


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