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More and more people are waking up, these days, to the fact that the same industry which is purporting to search for a cure for cancer is the same one that is poisoning us from the skies with chemtrails, putting fluoride in our water and trying to make GM foods the only available choice.

Our political leaders insist that we should mount military strikes against foreign dictators who use chemical weapons on their own people. But what about the chemicals that they are using on us?

How many people have already been murdered by the so-called healthcare ‘pathways’? How many children have been made very ill by vaccines? How many viruses have been weaponised, like Ebola? The official figures are, naturally, unreliable, but the anecdotal evidence is convincing.

The truth is, we are all beginning to realise that we cannot let these people take care of our health and well-being any more than a lamb can present itself at a slaughter house and expect to survive!

The big pharmaceutical corporations have no understanding, and neither do they seek it, about the natural processes of the body and how best to support them. They only seem to care about making money in a monopolistic marketplace with a business model that needs us to be sick in order for them to thrive.

That’s why it’s imperative that the people take back the empowerment to look after their own health needs through natural, holistic healing.

Our bodies are natural, we are part of Nature. Therefore, it’s obvious that much of the dis-ease in our bodies is a result of natural processes which have become out of balance – because of the chemicals and toxins we’re being forced to ingest every day. Thus we need a natural therapy and nutritional guidance to bring our body back into alignment with Nature.

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Because so many are now realising this, more and more every day are turning to alternative health therapies and holistic healing, but at first, it can seem like a minefield with some many therapies and remedies on offer.

We realised this about five years ago, and that’s why we created The Therapy Book website, to provide a place for people to find out which natural or holistic therapy would best help them with whatever was wrong with them.

It has become one of the most popular sources of information on the internet with hundreds of different holistic and alternative therapies, and we have tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They come to us there, and on this blog, for help and advice, and after finding the right therapy or healing to suit them, they use our global Therapists’ Directory to find a therapist or healer locally to them.

So if you are a therapist or healer, we’d very much like to you list yourself in our global-to-local Therapists’s Directory. It’s completely free of charge and we intend to keep it that way for as long as possible.

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