Flowers and trees sing to us silently – all they ask in return is for us to sing to them


The above title is taken from something Australian aborgines say, according to Marlo Morgan in her book about “Dreamtime”, Mutant Message Down Under. This comes from their shamanically derived understanding that all matter is just frozen sound, or vibration.

The flowers only seem to be singing silently because the notes are at a frequency humans can’t normally hear – in the same way that we can’t hear dog whistles. If a human can hear the songs of the flowers, they are known as a synthesete. Colin Kingshott is such a person who with his company Florachology, produces various healing solutions via the songs of flowers and sea shells which he can hear, and record.

Colin says that the flowers and sea shells are singing all the time, which is probably partly why we always feel so good after spending time outside in the garden, or in a park. The songs of the flowers and the aromatic essences of the trees are all there to offer us holistic healing at the level of mind, body and soul.

This is the sound signature of a water lily.

Water lily

This is the sound signature of a periwinkle (naussilus) shell.

SeashellColin says all the sea shells have very high octave tones and that there is archaeological evidence that sea shells change their shape whenever the world is changing to bring in a new Age. He’s found that the sea shells have been changing their shape, and thus their sound, in recent years.

“All of flora communicates with us and responds to us through a low form of consciousness,” says Colin. “As for trees, they are extremely sensitive and form choirs of sounds as they greet the rain.”

They have etheric bodies, or auras, just as we do.

“Take the horsechestnut tree,” says Colin. “It has 100,000 chakras when in full bloom. We at Florachology have mapped numerous plant auras, chakras, meridians and their interaction with the morphic fields of Nature.”

tree aura 1Colin has created a healing therapy called DEVA – Dimensional Energy Voice Analysis, in which he records the client’s voice signature to find out which notes are missing, and then recommends one of his products which contain the missing sound of the plant. He says that once the body “hears” the missing note again, it is bio-entrained back to wellbeing.

Colin can heal a person this way, but he can also heal places. He calls healing places Sound Geomancy and he has had great success with it in Norway. He will record the voices of the people of a certain town or city, work out which notes are missing, and then encourage the planting of flowers in public spaces which will replace the missing notes.

Colin will be holding healing sessions in Glastonbury, Somerset soon, so do watch this space if you’d like him to record your voice, to discover which plant or flower or song will help you.

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