The wisdom guide to staying alive in times of death and destruction

One of the roles of the shaman in ancient times was to protect the tribe in times of war. Of course, it must have been so much simpler then … when you knew everyone in your tribe, and you could see the whites of the eyes of the enemy as it advanced. Not so now, when we can’t see the enemy, but untold numbers of people are dying daily from various insidious overloads of a toxic nature which they are consuming through not just the pores of their bodies, but also via their mind and spirit.

Now that we’re all so well-informed by virtue of the internet and rolling 24 hour broadcast news, we can be so much more easily emotionally disturbed by the ‘fear porn’ spiralling out from the various Theatres of War currently being performed on the world stage.

The fear and alarm being broadcast keeps us in a state of stasis, helplessness. We live simultaneously in hope and dread of the End of the World – the end of that world, anyway.

The definition of ‘evil’ is not from a religious doctrine – it’s ‘live’ backwards. If you are pro-life, please read on to find a way out of the Death Spiral and into the Life Spiral. This is the secret to mind-body-spirit optimum health.

How to get out of the Death Spiral

You don’t have to be a shaman or a quantum physicist to realise that what we give attention to, we become.

Another way of putting it is that ‘energy grows where attention flows.’ If nothing else, the constant engagement with the Theatre of the Macabre is turning us into victims and some people never seem to recover from the trauma.

So instead of worrying constantly about what the Death Eaters are doing, and putting our attention there, we should think more about what we’re doing in our own lives and spheres of existence.

For instance, as holistic healers and therapists, we can explain to our clients that the mainstream medical model is based on death and violence – the killing of microbes with ‘magic bullets’ and surgical strikes taking place in operating theatres, like theatres of war.

Not so the holistic model of healing, which recognises the right to exist of every single microbe, but will rebalance the whole mind-body-spirit continuum along the alignment of the Life Spiral, so that energy in the ‘wrong place’ can find its equilibrium in the ‘right place’.

(To learn more about how growth and healing in Nature follows a spiralling path, read The Healing of Serpents at Easter and The Healing Song of the Sea Shell.  )

We can dance out of the Death Spiral into the Life Spiral. It’s just about how we re-empower ourselves, from being helpless victims forced to watch one atrocity after another, into free-thinking individuals engaging with life-fulfilling thoughts and activities. We need to disengage from the Death Spiral and engage with the Life Spiral. We have free will – we can refuse to acknowledge the philosophy of fragmentation and Divide and Rule, and instead hold each other hands across the lines.

Even if we only take small steps into the Life Spiral, it doesn’t matter … because we’re signalling our intention that we mean to dream our own dreams, and create our own lives. And in my experience, the Universe has very smart sensors, and it picks up on the smallest signal.

Stepping into the Dance of Life means thinking about every single thing we think and do, and asking ourselves: “Is this feeding the life of myself and others, or will it ultimately kill it?”

For instance, what we put on our gardens can spell the difference between life and death. Pot ash, which is produced from burned wood, is an excellent fertiliser for the garden. It’s incredibly life-enhancing. And so burning wood to keep warm in the house will be good for your plants in the garden later on, and so the spiralling of life will continue. But if you were to burn coal, it’s not the same because the resulting coal ash would kill your plants. Coal ash has to be stored in slag heaps because it can’t be used for anything useful.

So just in that simple act, of what we burn in our hearths leading to what put on our gardens, we can engage with a type of energy that is really sustainable – and not just that buzz word of the Green agenda.

Fracking is another example of a Death-dealing technology, because it is ultimately destructive of the waters, of which it uses a massive amount. Once water has been used for drilling into shale gas fields, it can never ever be used again for anything else. It cannot be recovered and then recycled. It is no longer able to support any kind of life and so then there is the problem of where to store it safely, just as there is with nuclear waste.

There’s a beautiful example of the difference between a Life Enhancing Spiral and a Death Dealing Spiral in the movie Mary Poppins. The children have a choice between giving their tuppence to buy a bag of breadcrumbs to feed the birds or giving it to the bank, from which they’d probably never see it again… as we all experienced after the crash of 2008. A debt-based currency is essentially toxic and leads to cuts and austerity – in other words, it’s Death-dealing. A currency based on actual material assets and giving to each other creates growth.

As you can see from this diagram, our political leaders are deliberately taking us on a path of economics which is a Death cycle.


One of the ways that the Death Spiral is destroying the land is by the use of chemicals. Over the last half century, pesticides and fertilisers have depleted the soil of so much of its life-giving nutrients that the food grown in it is no longer able to sustain us as well as it did. Speaking as someone born just after the war, and even while some of rationing was still going on, I remember how much healthier and fitter people were then.

Here are some people who are choosing to dance with the Life Spiral instead of the Death Spiral, in Switzerland. They have turned all their gardens over to growing organic vegetables, and they consult with their neighbours about who should grow what, so that they can exchange and trade with one another, over their garden fences.


On the blog, I am helping people to empower themselves with ready-to-hand information about what’s in our foods. And I can fully recommend this Shop GMO-Free in the UK app that I helped to create, which gives us the opportunity to only buy foods in UK food stores which are GM-free, and also find local sources of organic meat and diary. This way we can vote with our shopping baskets about what we want to eat.

We should live our own lives according to our own Destiny – in other words, how we want to live and not how others want us to live. There is a lot that can be done, even when you’re living in a high rise apartment and trying to hold down two or three jobs. There is always something, even it’s just a crumb, a breadcrumb, that you will have left over at the end of the day, which you can give and in doing so, give with a deep and heartfelt intention to be part of the Life Spiral. It will be like the widow’s mite. It comes back a thousand-fold.

Remember – energy grows where attention goes. If we make an intention to start looking more into how to create the kind of life we want for ourselves, our family and our friends on the planet, we will eventually find that life, that new world, will come to fruition all around us.

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