The Glastonbury Declaration – a magical blueprint for Sovereignty and freedom

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This Declaration was read out at our shamanic ceremony in front of Glastonbury Tor in Somerset at sunrise on the Winter Solstice, 21st December 2014.  You can read more about the ceremony itself and what it meant by reading: How shamans work with the spirits of the Land.


This is the Declaration and Intent of all of us here, in this circle, who live within the Sovereign Circle of the Thirteen Treasures of the Precinct of Merlin. The Thirteen Treasures were brought to the Glass House by Merlin for safe-keeping upon receiving them from King Bran in those days of antiquity, when our ancestors worked in harmonic cooperation with the spirits of Land.

The Glass House, or Glastonbury, over which the Tor rises as sentinel, is a multi-dimensional Faery Ring which exists in people’s hearts and dreams wherever they are on the Earth …. and beyond. This Land has manifested itself across all the Realms – the Over Realm, the Middle Realm and Under Realm – through the loving companionship between Man and Fae.

For this reason, the Glastonbury Declaration resonates throughout the Three Realms, with which we are in alignment and harmony, as we stand under the Excalibur of the Royal Stars ruling over this sacred Land of the Nobles, as Above, So Below.

As the ancient kings of these islands knew, this hallowed ground around which the Thirteen Treasures revolve, mirroring the starry constellations, is pregnant with their legitimacy to rule, and that he or she who holds the reins of this Land, reigns over all the Land.

We hereby affirm the Sovereignty of the Land as a flowering and fruiting of the relationship between Man and Fae, which once manifested, cannot be countermanded by any other authority.

And so…

1. From this Day forward, we Declare as Sovereign Beings that we owe no allegiance to any man but to our own individual Destinies, which are weaved from rainbows and stars in the Spindle of Light which traverses the Three Realms.
2. We Declare that it is our Divine Destiny to individually explore our own relationships with the spirits of those Other Realms, who some men have called ‘the gods’, which exist independently of all religious belief systems, political parties, castes or creeds.
3. We Declare that we will always walk a path of Truth, Goodness and Beauty across this sacred landscape, in harmony with the Spirits of the Land, and we will support all others to do the same.
4. We Declare that we will honour our responsibility to work with the Spirits of Land, to keep the Dragon Lines consecrated so that they clearly mirror and resonate with the Vault of the Stars Above and the Well of Stars Below.
5. We Declare that we are responsible for respecting all laws of the Land, and that we will give no quarter to those who don’t, including those who have been appointed by government to keep the peace and administer the laws.
6. We Declare that we have the right to a fair trial in which we are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty, and that we also have the right to be judged by a jury of our own peers that reside in our own locality.
7. We Declare that as Sovereign Beings, it is our glad right and duty to bring up our own children, which are our property, and it is our responsibility to keep them safe and with no harm being suffered to their person.
8. We Declare that we will only take part in wars which we deem to be just and necessary to protect our peoples.
9. We Declare that we have a right to clean and unpolluted air, water and soil and that we will take on the responsibility to prosecute any person or corporate body that pollutes them – whether from the skies, seas or lands.
10. We Declare that we have a right to fresh and unadulterated food that is grown as Mother Nature intended and we will take on the responsibility to encourage others to eat healthily.
11. We Declare that we have a right to live wherever we want to live, on this land of Britain, and how ever we want to live, within the law of the Land, and we will be responsible for all our own decisions in such regard.
12. We Declare that we will be responsible for overseeing the care of our own people, from the cradle to the grave.
13. We Declare that if government at any time acts in a way which forces us to live in any way contrary to our Declared Intentions above, and to our guardianship of Glastonbury and the Thirteen Treasures of Merlin’s Precinct, we will withhold from them our consent as it is our Sovereign right to do.

All rights reserved

Errors and omissions excepted

zodiac 2

The picture is of the 10-mile wide circle of 13 huge landscape effigies here in Somerset, the Glasshouse of this Land of Britain, the oldest name known of which is Merlin’s Precinct.

This circle was called a Temple of the Stars by Katherine Maltwood and a zodiac by Mary Caine. The vision of it as a Faery Ring comes from the shaman Coleston Brown, and I’ve been journeying with it, in and out of the Faery Circle in the Middle World, to be given guidance on how we can reaffirm the Sovereignty of the Land.

You will see a cross of four stars above it – these are the four Royal Stars of

  • Fomalhaut over the Faery Swan of the Tor,
  • Antares over the Faery Stone in the village of Stone, near Hornblotton Church,
  • Aldebaran which is over the mast of the Faery Boat which carries the Faery Child, and
  • Regulus which hovers over the neck of the Lion, or Faery Cat.

These stars form the basis of the Excalibur sword under which we stand to make our Declaration.

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All of those pundits were wrong – although they were hardly to blame for their errors. Sovereignty actually starts off life as a spiritual transmission from the spirits of the land, but this is no longer taught to the general populace.

However, a few mystic types did know about Sovereignty, and so they weren’t at all surprised when its spirit rose up from the land on the Summer Solstice of 2016, and infused the hearts and minds of the ordinary people of Britain.

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