Homeopathic remedies that help with childbirth

by homeopath Marie McLoughlin

You’re having a baby! Congratulations!!!

Here are some homeopathic remedies to help you through the process of childbirth.

First of all, when you sit down to write your birth plan, I recommend getting yourself a comprehensive Homeopathic Remedy kit; In 30c potency; this should be sufficient strength for childbirth.

During labour, you will experience many symptoms and sensations; some will be fleeting, some can go on and wear you out.

The following homeopathic remedies will be invaluable, and your Birth Partner can be helpfully dispensing your remedies as needed.

FEAR: If feeling TERROR take 1 x ACONITE as needed.
If the fear is more panicky and needing to be reassured take 1 x ARSENICUM, repeat if the benefits wear off.

ANGER: NUX VOMICA is great if feeling really irritable, if everyone is annoying you and you want to shout. Good for cramping pains, nausea & headaches too.

WEAKNESS: From loss of sleep or loss of bodily fluids, take CHINA and see if that helps.
Weakness from anxiety and anticipation, try GELSEMIUM
Weakness from the sheer physical effort of giving birth, SEPIA.

PAIN: Out of all proportion, feeling violent towards anyone who comes near, wants something one minute then doesn’t the next, CHAMOMILLA is the remedy.
Pain felt in the back, wants pressure and back rub, KALI CARB.

CONTRACTIONS: Strong, regular contractions help the delivery to progress. If things slow down or fail to get started there are remedies to help.

CAULOPHYLLUM: This can be taken if labour doesn’t get started as expected. If there is little progress with dilation and the feeling is of exhaustion and failure. There may be a sensation of internal trembling but the delayed labour is enough reason to try this remedy.

CIMICIFUGA: This remedy will help if there is a feeling of hysteria, “I can’t do this!” Pains shoot from side to side. Violent pains. Oversensitive to pain, it makes her panic.

PULSATILLA: This is great for a weepy, clingy feeling. Insecure wants to feel safe.
Labour can be weak, variable, delayed or FALSE labour.
Fresh air helps to make things better for a person needing Pulsatilla.
Also when the placenta is very slow to come out after delivery, try this before trying the conventional medicine alternative. If nothing happens after 15 minutes it isn’t the correct remedy for this particular time.

Any excessive bleeding, give PHOSPHORUS.
SABINA may be tried too ~ but this is a situation where conventional intervention and treatment is vital.

ARNICA: Bruised, battered exhausted from loss of sleep.
This remedy is so useful throughout the stages of Childbirth and afterwards.
It eases the process of labour both physically and emotionally.

BELLIS PERENNIS: Works on deeper trauma than Arnica.
For trauma to pelvic area after delivery and also if Arnica fails to relieve.

For surgical intervention. This possibly leaves a feeling of violation and resentment. This resentment may also come up towards the baby, “it” has been the cause of everything. Staphysagria soothes and eases feelings of suppressed anger.

HYPERCAL MOTHER TINCTURE: This is liquid magic! No need for any pain after stitches, this is the most miraculous tincture.
Diluted and applied to the vagina and perineum heals and soothes. Also staves off infection and can be used on C section site.

Take HYPERICUM as soon as possible after it is done.

Last but not least, Bach RESCUE REMEDY: For everyone involved!

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Marie McLoughin and baby Finn

Marie and Finn


My name is Marie McLoughlin, and I live in London, England, where I work as a classical homeopath. Please do contact me if you think I can help you or your family. Email: marie.homeopath@talktalk.net


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