How shamans reweave and repurpose pain

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

Most of us carry around unresolved emotional pain and that translates, particularly later in life, to physical pain because our manifest sheath of our multi-layered, inter-dimensional mind-body continuum can no longer flow or dance with the rivers of energies. The rivers become dammed up and stagnant, and this leads to stiffness, particularly stiffness of the joints – hips, knees, shoulders.

We are essentially transmitters and receivers of energetic frequencies, so we then attract more pain to ourselves, just like someone with a victim mentality will unwittingly attract the attentions of the playground bully. Sometimes, we’re trapped in a sort of Stockholm Syndrome with our abusers through the “love and light” and “turn the other cheek” mind programming, and are thus often unwilling to confront the arrows that are flung at us and fire them back.

In shamanic healing, we can ‘re-weave’ our pain, and thus dissolve it. In the journey or trance state, we ask our spirits to show us the root cause of our physical pain. We often can’t remember the emotional trauma which is now causing our neck to ache, or our knee joints to seize up, or our jaw to be so stiff that it’s gone out of alignment, because our instinctive reaction is to try to forget the painful event as soon as possible. In extreme trauma, that forgetting can be almost instantaneous. We are, in other words, in denial about it, asleep to it, not realising that the memory or emotional imprint still exists but is stored in another place which we cannot reach.

Perhaps a good metaphor for this process would be retrieving lost files on a computer. The spirits find the lost video file of the memory of the event and then, through a process of unravelling the substance of it and then respinning and reweaving it, they can transform it into something which other beings would value as food. In other words, the pain can be given to the spirits as an offering.

Even in this dimension, we benefit from this sort of synchronitic exchange every day of our lives. Where does the oxygen that we breathe come from? A lot of it comes from the trees around us, who breathe out their waste products in the form of oxygen. The trees then breathe in our waste in the form our carbon di-oxide, which is necessary food for them. This is a metaphor for the perfect symbiosis which exists in the whole of the creation. There is no such thing as ‘evil’ in absolute terms. There is just energy in the wrong place, and when energy get stuck in the wrong place, we feel pain. But this can be rewoven into something more useful.

This is why you find shamanic myths about grandmother spiders weaving the web, or the Norns in Norse mythology who weave the fates of men. These same Norns appear in the tale of the Sleeping Beauty with their spinning wheel upon which the Princess Aurora pricks her finger that sends her to sleep for 100 years. The Prince, who kisses her awake again, represents the spirits who bring that awakening and freedom from the pain. The ‘sleep for 100 years’ is a good metaphor for how we try to forget our emotional pain until we get a rude awakening, sometimes many decades later, with physical pain and inflammation in different parts of our body.

If you go to the doctor, you will only get offered steroids or anti-inflammatories, which do nothing to heal the root of the pain. But if you take your problem to the spirits at the spinning wheel, they will take your pain and reweave it into a substance which other beings will value as nourishment.

This is real shamanic alchemy! And I have to say, from personal experience, that when you feel the spirits take your pain and then fill your body with healing energies, it is blissful verging on ecstatic!

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All of those pundits were wrong – although they were hardly to blame for their errors. Sovereignty actually starts off life as a spiritual transmission from the spirits of the land, but this is no longer taught to the general populace.

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