TTIP will bring GM foods flooding into our shops, and they won’t be labelled

Currently, all food producers selling their products in the UK are legally required to list on the package label when it contains GM ingredients … but all that is set to change under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

When TTIP passes through Parliament into law here – I’m not saying ‘if’ because of how much MPs are being bribed to pass it – GM foods will come flooding into our supermarkets and the packets won’t be labelled. This is because there will no longer be any law to say they should be. The British public is already being mentally prepared by heavily-biased propaganda television programmes and as we speak, Monsanto is planning on moving to Britain, no doubt to be better placed to mop up all the tax-free breaks on this new windfall.

Under the euphemistically-termed TTIP ‘trade agreement’, which is really a treaty, global companies are known as Investor States, and Investor States will have more power than governments. So if a government should decide to act in the interests of its own people (unlikely!) in a way that is against the interests of an Investor State, it will be sued for millions. It will just be far too expensive for any politician to go up against the interests of the Investor States, and far too lucrative for them personally to even consider trying.

According to its own factsheet, TTIP will replace food package labelling with e-labelling, which means in effect no labelling at all for those who don’t have the correct “smart phone”. It will make checking labels much more difficult for busy mums with kids running amuck, or for those who don’t have time to scan every single food in their basket each time they shop, or for the elderly whose eyesight prohibits them getting any kind of information at all from mobiles. Even for those of us who are happy with using phones in such a way, there’s still a problem because you often can’t get a signal when you’re deep in the depths of the shopping centre.

So this is where our free Shop GMO-Free in the UK app is already an invaluable tool for avoiding not only foods containing GM ingredients, but also those that contain meat from animals fed on GM feed, a category you can be sure won’t even be included in the e-labelling. You can make a shopping list on the app of the foods that we show you are both GM-free and free from meat and dairy from animals fed on GM-feed, before even leaving for the shops, and you will feel safe in the knowledge that we’ll be updating the app daily with the latest information on thousands of brands, as we receive it.

You can download it here…

Weaponised shopping

We have spent years developing the Shop GMO-Free in the UK app, because we realised that petitions and marches were having very little effect and that the only power left to us was to vote with our shopping baskets about what sort of food we wanted to eat.

With huge international trade deals like TTIP being hammered out in private rooms, well away from the democratic process and public accountability, the only leverage we have is in our consumer power. (See The lies behind the EU’s transatlantic trade deal and Secret emails reveal how UK ministers plotted with GM lobbyists to bring GM foods into the UK.) The Investor States, which are already starting to control what we buy and what we eat, only understand one language – the line that moves up or down on their profit and loss balance sheet.

This kind of weaponised shopping worked in Germany, where meat and dairy producers are now being required to feed their cattle with GM-free feed again, when shoppers refused to buy the other kind. (See How to get British supermarkets to return to GM-free meat and dairy).

It’s also been making a difference for shoppers in America, where big food companies are being forced to remove GM ingredients from their products because customers are gradually refusing to buy them. (See Record numbers of US companies switching to non-GMO seeds and GMOs facing downturn on world market).

We hope that our Shop GMO-Free app will make a huge difference… by giving everyone the information they need to make the choices that are best for them and their families. It’s free to download so why wait? Start getting the safest food for you and your family now…


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