TTIP, which will bring GM foods flooding into our shops, has now been rubber stamped through EU parliament

Today I heard that certain members of the European Commission were expressing concern, after the Greek referendum No vote, that the ‘contagion of democracy’ may spread further to other countries.

It’s when this sort of sentiment trickles out from what is in effect an unelected, unaccountable and unaudited ruling junta of non-tax paying billionaires that we can start to see the writing on the wall. Then we begin to realise that letters, petitions and protest marches will do nothing to change their minds in the voting on TTIP today because few of them are interested in what we think; they’re not even pretending that we live under a democracy anymore.

The metal fist is out of the velvet glove … and we’re well down the road to fascist tyranny.

If the American experience is anything to go by, our MPs and MEPs’ votes on TTIP will be being bought off to the tune of hundreds of thousands of Euros. Last night, Jill Seymour MEP tweeted: “The president again just re-iterated that he will not allow questions in the parliament on TTIP! Disgraceful!” In a crony capitalist corpocracy, which is what we’re increasingly living under, it’s not about democracy anymore; it’s about who’s got the deepest pockets.

If TTIP passes, the big biotech and pharmaceutical companies, like Monsanto and Merck, will get to decide whether our shop shelves are to be lined with non-labelled GM foods, or whether we’re going to be forced into mandatory vaccinations. Any government fool enough to stand up against these “Investor States”, as they are known under the TTIP treaty, would risk plunging the country into a very expensive legal action which could bankrupt the nation even further.

A letter signed by nearly 500 important European organisations which has gone out to MEPs, asking them not to pass it after 2.3 million signed a Stop TTIP petition, will barely make a dent in their thinking.

Surely it’s now time to stop using Old School techniques which used to work well in a democracy? The world has changed and for us to deal with it requires different strategies and tactics…maybe some we haven’t thought of yet. This is why we brought out our free GM app – by using it, ordinary shoppers can hit these big corporations in their balance sheets, which seems to be the only language they understand.

An ‘expensive rubber stamp’

One MEP who does still have some backbone is Sinn Fein’s Matt McCarthy, who says that the European Parliament risks becoming just “an expensive rubber stamp for the European Commission”.

Speaking in Strasbourg today, he said:

“This week’s European Parliament debate and vote on TTIP presented a significant opportunity for MEPs. Millions of people across Europe have mobilised to ask parliament to defend democracy, the environment, workers rights, public services and our farming communities by rejecting the commission’s current approach to TTIP.

“It appears that parliament is going to miss the opportunity. The actions of President Martin Schulz, who previously cancelled a debate on TTIP, and the attitude of parties such as Fine Gael, have positioned the European Parliament not as the democratic voice of the people of Europe, but rather as an expensive rubber stamp of the commission’s agenda.

“Make no mistake about it, opposition to a TTIP deal that would undermine the fabric of communities will intensify in the time ahead. MEPs have to decide if they are on the side of the people of Europe or vested corporate interests”.

Matt McCarthy has exactly caught the mood of the zeitgeist – the defining spirit of our times.

Speaking to people this weekend who were previously staunch Europeans, the disgust and horror in their voices was palpable over how badly the Greeks had been treated. The whole world is watching now what will happen there.

I don’t know if it was what Tsipras and Varoufakis had in mind, and some doubt their motives. But the Greek referendum has presaged a palpable wake-up call within the masses, intended or not.

As Paul Mason, the excellent economics editor of Channel 4 News pointed out, a vital factor in the No vote being larger than expected was because the fear mongering of the mainstream media was no longer effective.

Talk about The Sorceror’s Apprentice – if you haven’t seen the Disney version, it really is the perfect allegory for what’s about to happen now that Juncker’s junta has gone too far. The rumblings can be heard of a slow but inevitable and inexorable build-up of an avalanche of awakening about an insupportable mountain of debt caused by interest on our bail-outs of multi-billionaires who don’t even pay their taxes.

The Opium Wars of the 21st century

The debt has been a deliberate tactic to enslave us. Debt addiction is just the latest weapon of war from those same people who got the Chinese hooked on opium, in the Opium Wars of the 19th century.

The biggest drugs dealers have always been the establishment, who use laboratory-produced chemicals to make us dependent. They either do it legally, through Big Pharma, or ‘illegally’.

During the Sixties, the LSD and mescalin was mainly coming from the CIA; by the Seventies, in a bait ‘n switch operation, the supply changed to heroin and cocaine. Since the West invaded Afghanistan on the pretext of finding the so-called perpetrator of 9/11, but really to protect the poppy fields, heroin use on the streets of Britain and America is at historic highs.

The debt addiction for most of us began with the change in the name to the less threatening and shameful ‘credit’. ‘Credit’ is a positive word, like getting a big tick for your homework. After that, every time we opened our mail, one of them was offering us ‘free credit’.

The so-called ‘austerity measures’ to pay off the National Debt has just been an excuse to steal from the poor to give to the rich, upon whom more and more of us are becoming dependent. Since ‘austerity’ was introduced, the National Debt in both the UK and the US has soared higher now than it’s ever been …at least four times higher than that of Greece. The debt will never be paid off… because paying it off is not the name of game; dependency is.

They want us dependent… not independent… but dependent upon anything of which they are hold the sole supply – money, sex (porn) food, drugs …and they will use any means to achieve this. If we want real independence – of thought, word and deed – we will need to find our moral courage to stand up and wrest the moral compass from their filthy blood-stained hands and show them how life is really lived by healthy sane peoples.

The tide of history is against the Debt Slavers… their day is done, and it will be interesting to see in today’s votes on TTIP, both in Westminster and Brussels, just how many of our MPs and MEPs are intelligent enough to realise it.

Our representatives will have to decide whether they want to be on the side of history, or just be in one of its footnotes about the Quislings that sold out the people of Europe for a mere handful of silver.

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