Tell the World – which products in UK shops contain GMs

The power of social media is ballooning every day, with politicians and various other assorted villains becoming more and more wary of becoming the subject of a Twitter bomb, or a huge furour on Facebook.

This is why we’ve incorporated a very special feature in our free-to-download app, Shop GMO-Free in the UK, in which you can instantly tweet or send into your Facebook stream the GM-status of any food item.

All you have to do is push the Facebook button next to the product, or the Tweetie bird, or the Google+ button … and we’ll do the rest. You can also email a friend or send out the info via SMS.

Here’s one we made earlier – the Tell the World buttons are circled in blue.

Having the ability to let our friends know instantly when a product contains GMs will put enormous pressure on the manufacturers – as has been found in America and Germany, it seems to be the only language they understand. While they appear to be deaf to protest marches and blind to petitions of tens of thousands of names, refusing to buy their products seems to produce an almost instantaneous response.

In Germany, for instance, when shoppers refused to buy meat or dairy from animals fed on GM-soya, the supermarkets had to stop selling it and revert back to selling chicken, pork and beef from animals fed on the non-GM kind. In another instance of consumer power, Cheerios were forced to remove GM ingredients from their cereals… and so it goes on.

With our free-to-download app, you get the GM status of more than 10,000 foods in UK supermarkets, and it’s the first and only information database of its kind. We update the database daily, as new information comes in, it’s very easy to use and simple to search – you just follow the colour coded symbols.

Other whizzy features include:

Unlimited searches – Unrestricted searching of our product database (over 10,000 products) to instantly find which products are GM-free and which are not.
Tell the manufacturer – Conveniently let the food manufacturer know what you think about the GM status of their products. You’re just a tap away from contacting them by telephone, email or via their own contact page.
Tell us – Get in touch with us via the app with any product data queries/requests, technical issues or new feature requests.
Shopping list – Compile a shopping list of your favourite products. (One shopping list, limited to 15 products.)
Why GMO-Free? – General information on the dangers of consuming GM, plus weekly updates from us on the latest news on GM foods in Britain.

There are more bells and whistles with no ads if you upgrade, for a small price. But basically, all the information on the GM-status of the foods is contained and easy to find in the free to download version.

Please help us to continue supplying you with all the most up-to-date information on health and wellbeing – and also about how it is under attack. A small donation would make a huge difference to our research…Please give here.

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