FrequenSea Essences – Coral Luminaries from the Bottom of the Sea

If flowers are the stars of the Earth, then perhaps these extraordinary other-worldly and vibrant calcium carbonate blooms, built by microscopic sea creatures, could be called the stars of the bottom of the deep blue sea.

These stunning marine coral luminaries – like submarinal stars – create their own harmony of the spheres when they vibrate with octaves of sound that create frequencies of colour – and from which sound healer Colin Kingshott has derived essences which help us to bridge dimensions as well as connect with our Divine feminine and masculine selves.


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Red Coral, Note C over Snowflake Coral, Note D


These two corals work with the rhythms of energy levels to give support and motivation. Their aqua pulses help us to master our basic life force for connection and coherence and also to recognise our independence and our connectivity to our landscape and the whole.

For root and sacral chakras


FrequenSea Coral Luminaries – Red Coral over Snowflake Coral

30 mls


Snowflake Coral , Note D over Bird’s Nest Coral Note E

Dance of Life

gallery5-2These two corals when blended together are excellent for working with shock, trauma, lack of self-worth, despondency and will help to release these traumas. Also their combination will help with our own body image, give a sense of integrity and focus. They sing to our personality!

For sacral and solar plexus chakras


FrequenSea Coral Luminaries – Snowflake Coral over Bird’s Nest Coral

30 mls


White Coral, Note E over Fan Coral, Note F

Personal power


This combination of corals when blended acts on our core, willpower, for motivation to express how we are feeling and at the same time to find equilibrium and the wilful aspect of our consciousness. The blend will also gives encouragement and support.

For the solar plexus and heart chakra


FrequenSea Coral Luminaries – White Coral and Fan Coral

30 mls


Bubble Coral, Note F over Stagshorn Coral, Note G

Heart Strings

gallery5-4 This combination when blended impacts body, mind, relationships and our emotional and physiological interactions. These two energies create a harmonic relationship on the heartstrings finding a balance. Also this blend will help with communications of feelings of love and compassion.

For the heart and throat chakra


FrequenSea Coral Luminaries – Bubble Coral over Stagshorn Coral

30 mls


Brain Coral, Note G over Blue Coral, Note A


The impact of these gallery5-5blended corals aids self-expression through intention of creation. It is here with these two energies we can help express our identity and receive help with blockages of anti -social behaviour causing conflict, confusion and isolation.

For the throat and brow chakras


FrequenSea Luminaries – Brain Coral and Blue Coral

30 mls


Cup Coral, Note A over Star Coral, Note B



The impacts of these blended corals creates an infinite stillness to the moment which imparts and illuminates the way. It gives a sense of synthesis, and put you in touch with your intuition and inspirational energies.

For the brow and crown chakras


FrequenSea Coral Luminaries – Cup Coral over Star Coral

30 mls


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