We Sell Sea Shells on the Seashore – this is the cutting edge in sound healing!

We all love to collect sea-shells on the sea-shore and take them home to add to our collections. But there is so much more to the sea-shell than just mere decoration, beautiful though they are. Sound healer and synesthete Colin Kingshott can hear the sea-shells sing, albeit at a frequency that most of us are not aware of, consciously, and he has found a way to put those songs into some great healing products.

With these beautiful FrequenSea essences, sprays and spa products, you don’t need to live on the coast or be a deep sea diver to bask in and benefit from the wonders of the deeps. He has encapsulated the bioresonant qualities of sea shells, seaweeds and sea flowers to bring harmonic healing from choirs of marine life into your life in an easy and accessible way.

So do check out our great FrequenSea products – you can almost smell the salty breeze and see the white scuds flying!


We ship worldwide



Completion and focus

gallery6-1FrequenSea Clam sound essence helps us connect to our Higher Self by encouraging us to focus and concentrate on what’s going to serve us best when we’re assailed with the sort of distractions that come up during the process of spiritual regeneration.

FrequenSea Essence – Clam

30 mls



Growth and transformation

gallery6-2FrequenSea Cockle sound essence mirrors the growth and transformation of the self, and its marine song helps us by creating a gentle stillness to calm the mind.

FrequenSea Essence – Cockle

30 mls



Processing psychological turbulence

gallery6-3 FrequenSea Mussel sound essence brings growth and transformation of the Self as we work through any psychological turbulence, and thus helping us to process the self-recurring events which were keeping us stuck in the past.

FrequenSea Essence – Mussel

30 mls



Releasing and accepting

gallery6-4FrequenSea Nautilus sound essence will help you if you’re one of those who usually have a calm core, but are driven by your outer life. The nautilus shell is wrapped in an envelope of sound which will bring balance into the motion of your life, and will help you to release unhelpful habits and accept yourself unconditionally.

FrequenSea Essence – Nautilus

30 mls


Razor Shell

Forging through the bad times

gallery6-5FrequenSea Razor Shell sound essence will help you to forge a path through the dark moments in your life and will give you the energy of detachment and tranquillity to emerge from it all through healing.

FrequenSea Essence – Razor Shell

30 mls


Sand Dollar

Awakening to polarity

gallery6-6FrequenSea Sand Dollar sound essence will help you in your underworld journeys, awakening your soul from its spiritual sleep, and help you gain polarity in all things, leading to an open heart and an open mind.

FrequenSea Essence – Sand Dollar

30 mls


Sea Urchin

Creating onenesss out of anxiety

gallery6-7FrequenSea Sea Urchin sound essence is a quintessence which infuses life force and equality, transmitting the characteristic of unity. It’s a Master essence for oneness, to relieve the stress and anxiety that can be created by unsynthesised and chaotic duality.

Frequensea Essence – Sea Urchin

30 mls



Releasing emotional blocks

gallery6-8FrequenSea Starfish sound essence helps with the regeneration of life and and encourages real growth through cosmic philosophy by practical experience. It also helps you adjust to your path by releasing emotional blocks.

FrequenSea Essences – Starfish

30 mls



Transforming into joy

gallery6-9FrequenSea Whelk sound essence is a pure expression of sound energy which will help move forward through spiriitual transformation as you smoothly process self similarities in life, leading to laughter, joy and happiness!

FrequenSea Essence – Whelk

30 mls


Super Shell Spiral

Returning to the centre

gallery6-10 FrequenSea Super Shell Spiral essence is a life support to all the essences. Spirals are a process of dynamic energy. When we leave our centres we become distracted and so the song of the spiral will bring us back to the peace of a calm sense of oneness.

FrequenSea Essence – Super Shell Spiral

30 mls



Each of our Frequensea sound mist sprays contains a sympathetic and harmonic composition of sounds recorded from sea shells, seaweeds, sea flowers, and they are combined with essential oils to create synergies of experiences. They can be used singularly or in a combination with an essence and will act as a support spray.


gallery6-11Our Support spray contains the bioresonance sounds of starfish, bladderwrack seaweed and sea campion.

FrequenSea – Support Sound Mist Spray

30 mls


Anxiety and Stress

gallery6-12Our Anxiety and Stress sprays contain the bioresonance sounds of the sea urchin, dulse seaweed, sea lavender and white coral.

FrequenSea – Stress Sound Mist Spray

30 mls



gallery6-13Our Focus sprays contain the bioresonance sounds of the clam, seasquill, sea holly and red coral.

FrequenSea – Focus Sound Mist Spray

30 mls



These bathtime products are completely free from chemicals and have been energised by the bioresonance of the sea.

Foaming Bath Cream

Release and let go

Our Foaming Bath Cream contains the bioresonance sound of sea campion which helps you to release and let go into your process, along with the song of the seabuckthorn to give you support.

FrequenSea Foaming Bath Cream

200 grams


Shower and Bath Gel

Detoxing for sensitive people

gallery6-15Our Shower Bath Gels contain the bioresonance sound of the sea pea which will help you to release the flotsam and jetsam of life, while the sea lettuce is great for detoxing and is extremely supportive of sensitive people.

FrequenSea Shower and Bath Gel

200 mgs


Sugar and Salt Scrub

Bringing emotional focus

gallery6-16Our Sugar and Salt scrub contains the bioresonant sounds of the sea lavender and is great for supporting the life force. It helps to bring emotional balance, while the song of the dulse seaweed will aid to bring focus.

FrequenSea Sugar and Salt Scrub

300 gms


Check out more of our sound healing products at

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At The Holistic Health Store you will find healing solutions and remedies from Nature’s rich and bountiful cornucopia at affordable prices and delivered swiftly to your door.

Mother Nature always knows best how create and restore at a cellular level, and she soothes and cleanses by the means of plants and herbs which mirror – and transmute into Earthly elements – the songs of the stars of the heavens.

Nature heals through Beauty, through Love and also Song, in other words, the resonance of the sub-atomic or quantum particles which vibrate to the drumming of sacred geometry. If this is how you like to approach your own holistic healing, then do visit us for healing solutions and holistic therapies that synchronise naturally with the dance of your own life.

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