Dispelling the green-eyed monster

By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

It’s a shame that Christmas isn’t always a time of peace and goodwill to men, despite the fantasy we’ve been sold about it. For instance, this is the week that the party season begins, and if memory serves me right, the office party was always a pretty terrible affair with work mates imbibing a little more Christmas spirit than they’re used to, and this causing long simmering desires, rivalries and resentments to bubble up the surface in a sort of confused and unresolvable babble. 

I used to think: “It’s bad enough that I have to spend most of my waking life with some of these people, but then to have to socialise with them too…it’s really asking too much!”. I would be a simmering mass of resentment in those days. But perhaps that was just me!

The worst is, though, when you’ve been plucking up courage all year to approach your love interest under the mistletoe, only to find them already nicely nestled under it with someone else!  If only I’d known then what I know now… and about Holly Bach Flower Sound Essence.

This cutting edge upgrade on the original Bach flower remedy by Colin Kingshott contains the song of holly – her prickles and berries are perfect for soothing the green-eyed monster when Christmas is getting just that bit too merry.

Colin says: “Take Holly to dispel feelings of extreme jealousy, envy and suspicion; or feelings of revenge. Or when you’re feeling a distinct lack of love for others and have been treating them with distrust and suspicion.

“Perhaps you’ve been fault-finding, angry and argumentative with a violent temper in seeking revenge, or you’ve been aggressive, intolerant and irritable. However, you’re likely being over-sensitive to insults, real and imagined, and easily hurt by others.”

It’s quite easy to take – just a few drops in water usually does the trick.

You can buy  it now here at The Holistic Health StoreHolistic Store twitter 12

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