Protecting your aura and astral wellbeing this Christmas

Aura BioSonics

Aura BioSonics is a range of beautiful essences and sprays containing the vibrational resonance of plant and flower songs that have been created by sound healer Colin Kingshott whose products are on the cutting edge of what’s possible now that science is opening up to take into account the energetic body.

Take Aura BioSonics to benefit from emotional wellbeing at the cellular level and protection of your aura. They are all useful pick-me-ups to carry with you at this time of year when the Lord of Misrule reigns.


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Emotional Realignment Essence

After an emotional upset


Emotional Realignment Essence contains the following bioresonance sounds of purslane, grape hyacinth, milk thistle, mistletoe and amber- all are NOTE-E. It calms etheric shock waves that cause disharmony in the aura, helps to soften the upset and gradually supports and strengthens the aura. Dosage: Five drops in water, morning and evening.


Aura Biosonics, Emotional Realignment Essence

30 mls


Etherium Fluidium Essence Energise

After hospital operation, accident or trauma


Etherium Fluidium Essence Energise contains the bioresonance sounds of blue cohosh, yellow jasmine, tiger lily and lady slipper orchid – all are NOTE C . This essence is extremely good for revitalising after hospital operations, accidents and traumas. Dosage: Take two drops in water whenever you feel you need it.


Etherium Fluidium Essence Energise

30 mls


Etheric Shock Essence

After a shock or traumatic event

gallery1-3Etheric Shock Essence contains the bioresonance sounds of mullien, crowea, whitebeam, wild licorice and aquamarine- all are NOTE C. Helps the energy body to  realign and reconnect to healing harmonics to prevent further stress. Dosage: Four drops in the morning in water.


Aura BioSonics – Etheric Shock Essence

30 mls


Astral Calm and Balance Essence

For astral protection and childhood issues

gallery1-4Astral Calm and Balance Essence contains the bioresonant sounds of blue flag iris, pennyroyal, cherry, wild indigo and peridot – all are NOTE- B. It’s also great for co-dependency issues, astral shock from dreams as well as out of body issues. If you’re continually waking up after horrible nightmares, keep this essence by your bedside and it will help enormously. Dosage: Six drops in water, morning and evening.


Aura BioSonics – Astral Calm and Balance Essence

30 mls


 Mental Harmony Essence

For mental stress and abuse

gallery1-5Mental Harmony Essence contains the bioresonant tones of golden rod, yellow dock, bugleweed, lilac and garnet- all are NOTE-F. The mental body is supported by this sound essence and is excellent for helping to calm the mind. Dosage: Three drops in water, morning and evening.


Aura BioSonics – Mental Harmony Essence

30 mls


Spiritual Reconnection Essence

For connecting with the spiritual path

gallery1-6Spiritual Reconnection Essence contains the bioresonance sounds of elder, iris, lily of the valley, oleander and lemon topaz- all are NOTE-B. It helps with reconnection from the lower life chakras to higher spiritual chakras, connecting us to our spirit guides and discover our spiritual pathway and destiny to help us to see the bigger picture. Dosage: Seven drops in water, in the evenings.


Aura BioSonics – Spiritual Reconnection Essence

30 mls


Aura Protection Spray

For guarding from psychic attacks

gallery1-7Aura Protection Spray contains essential oils of cedar, sage and lavender with the bioresonance sound essences of ox eye daisy, rosa alba, pennywort and mimosa.



Aura BioSonics – Aura Protection Spray

30 mls


 Aura Cleanse Spray

For clearing the energy body

gallery1-8Aura Cleanse Spray contains essential oils of geranium, orange and rosemary with the bioresonance sound essences of yarrow, pennyroyal, fumitory and milky quartz.



Aura BioSonics – Aura Cleanse Spray

30 mls


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