Detox Sound Essence – support your new cleansing regime

Our Detox Sound Essence is so good for you, we’re not allowed to even tell you how good it is, by law. We can only tell you how it will make you feel while you’re detoxing. Hopefully you’re knowledgeable enough to read between the lines.

Detox Sound Essence is part of the Supergreens range from the development lab of sound healer Colin Kingshott, just like many other exciting new bioresonant health products that we’re now selling on The Holistic Health Store.


We ship worldwide

Email us at for reduced postage costs when ordering in bulk, and also if you’d prefer a non-alcoholic base.

gallery10-1Colin’s Supergreen Sound Essences contain the subtle nutritional vibrations of Nature in her various edible forms, which nourish us on the mind-body-spirit level with her bioresonant songs.

These sound essences can be used to help promote a mental shift and emotional response, and are incredibly nurturing and healing. It’s an essence that can touch you in a very subtle and respectful way because it honours your energies.

He has produced his Detox Special essence especially for those times when we’re clearing old energies and toxins that no longer serve our highest purpose, and it contains the songs of the following herbs:

Flax – to improve spiritual and inner levels of awareness

Dandelion – to help remove fears and old emotional patterns

Cilantro – to bring an increased sense of up-liftment and vitality

Black walnut – to support you in removing emotional blocks that have restricted the life force

Milk thistle –  To clean away and transmute anger and stress

Chlorella – To release negative energies

Supergreen Essences – Detox Special Sound Essence

30 mls


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