Soar into the New Year with Dragonfly Sound Essence

New Year, new you? Well … OK… but take heart … it may not be a failure to launch; maybe you haven’t really got started yet?  Why not let our Red Dragonfly Bioresonant Essence be the wind beneath your wings? Take a hint from this beautiful insect and soar!

Our Dragonfly Bioresonant Essence is another unique healing product from the Florachology lab of sound healer Colin Kingshott. Colin has captured and harnessed the resonance from the beating wings of the dragonfly and put it into this essence to allow us to benefit from its qualities.

The beating of the wings of the dragonfly is unique because its hindwing is broader than its forewing, and all this aeronautical streamlining pays off because it helps to make them the fastest flying insect in the world.

Dragonfly spray is great for providing lift-off by releasing all the ballast of anxiety, worries, feelings of being misunderstood and poor self worth – all negative emotions that hold us back from flight. Dragonfly will also open you up to new ideas and ways of seeing things… just what you need for the perfect New Year launch!

Buy Dragonfly Bioresonant Essence at The Holistic Health Store.

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