Quercetin stops cancer cells in their tracks

Much to the chagrin of those “scientists” who’ve made recent claims that antioxidants may actually be “bad” for you, a new study has come forth to shine light on these disease-fighting powerhouses once again.

Quercetin has proven itself to be quite the cancer-fighting little polyphenol. In fact, it may be one of the most powerful cancer fighters we know of.

Quercetin works on a cellular level to halt the damaging processes, which transform healthy cells into cancer cells. Quercetin’s unmatched anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to reduce oxidative stress on the body serve to protect cells from cancer-causing agents that can damage DNA. Quercetin also helps curb cancer cell production, even after it’s already started.

A study conducted in China found that non-smoking people with the highest level of quercetin consumption actually reduced their cancer risk by 51%. Smokers saw even greater results, and actually reduced their lung cancer risk by up to a whopping 65%!

So, where does one find quercetin? While it’s an antioxidant found in many fruits and veggies – some of the best sources are green apples, grapes, red onions and parsley.

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