The Big Gain, Stay Sane, No Pain Detox

By Anne Dieu Le Veut

There’s a basic mistake that some of us make when we get to this time of year. We subconsciously feel that we deserve some sort of punishment of austerity for all our excesses – especially over Christmas. So the New Year detox has taken on all the associations of the religious purge and confession of Original Sin in the hope of absolution!

The worse of the detox zealots are those who go on a juice-only diet; they rush around excitedly virtue signalling, making the rest of us feel quite dull and guilty, telling us how much energy they now have, when all along, they’re just on a sugar jag. The amount of fructose that they’re ingesting makes them seem like a hyperactive child at a birthday party and, mark my words, there will be tears before bedtime!

However, what our body really needs at this time is not a famine, but a feast … a feast of all the good nutrients that it’s been missing. The body already knows how to detox – which it usually does automatically. I’m sure that must be why January is often such a month of minor ailments … in reality, they probably just represent symptoms of a healing crisis. So we need to find ways to give our bodies the support they need at this time … not take the support away by fasting.

I would say … don’t change what you eat, so long as your diet is pretty reasonable in terms of a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. You just need to add in a few extra super dooper nutrients. There are lots of different ways to do this and here I’m just sharing my own methods which have always worked for me.

Clove essential oil



You’re probably familiar with the Victorian tradition of studding oranges with cloves? I think it was more than about creating sweet-smelling pomanders.

If you really want to give your body some help with the cleansing process, you can’t do much better than burning essential oil of cloves or putting clove oil on the soles of the feet at night – but make sure you wear socks to protect the sheets from such a powerful fragrance!

Just one ounce of clove essential oil has the antioxidant capacity of 450 lbs of carrots, 120 quarts of blueberries, or 48 gallons of beet juice.

Clove is also the most effective essential oil in a group with chemical properties known as phenylpropanoids; these clean the receptor sites of the cells. Once the cells are cleaner, they can communicate better and cooperate with each other to heal certain body malfunctions.

The essential oil permeates the acupuncture meridians which all meet on the soles of the feet and then send signals along the nervous system to receptor sites throughout the body.

I do this quite regularly, maybe once a month … and I always notice the effect the next morning; I feel cleaner and lighter energetically.

Superfood smoothie


I’ve invented my own superfood smoothie which I have about once a week because it supports my body in a myriad of ways like nothing else can. So here’s my own recipe.

I mix together three powders – of moringa leaf, acai and chlorella – and then stir them into a blend of fresh apple juice and almond or oat milk.

There is so much to say about each of these superfood ingredients that it’s difficult to know where to start. I would recommend that do your own research on them, but here’s a few highlights …

Moringa leaf

Moringa leaf, from the African Ben Ben tree, contains all eight essential amino acids needed by the body; they’re called ‘essential’ because they are vital if our body is to continue to successfully maintain and repair itself. Few foods contain them all; God hasn’t made it that easy for us! But moringa does. Added to which, moringa leaf …

  • has an excellent cleansing ability
  • is high in anti-bacterial agents
  • is high in antioxidants
  • is high in Vitamin A for eyesight – is prescribed for blindness
  • is anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and anti-tumour
  • is great for arthritis, hair, hormonal function, immunity, kidneys, lungs, muscle tone, skin and weight loss


This Amazonian ‘super cherry’ is known for it’s very high Vitamin C content, and uber levels of anti-oxidants. It also contains anthocyanins which have been found to be good at reducing certain types of brain tumours. Anthocyanins are also helpful for eyesight and improving night vision – not to mention reducing the risk of retinopathy in diabetics, and macular degeneration in the elderly.

Acai also helps to prevent hardening of the arteries and aids in the normalising of lipids (fats) and glucose (blood sugar) metabolism, which is why it’s been found so useful in helping with weight loss.


This sea nutrient is excellent for providing a massive injection of phytonutrients into the body. It’s great for iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and zinc, all at more than the RDA requirements – sometimes up to three times more. There’s also a goodly amount of BI, B6 and phosphorous, and all this contributes to radiant and glowing skin.

But more importantly, I use chlorella for its cleansing properties, particularly of radiation and heavy metals. I feel this is necessary when our skies are being continually sprayed with toxic chemtrails which are known, through laboratory analysis, to contain various heavy metals. Added to which, the amount of radiation in the atmosphere across the whole planet has considerably increased since Fukushima.

So that’s the smoothie … and I hope you enjoy it!

Chlorella Bioresonant Sound Essence


However, if you don’t like the fishy taste of chlorella, there is another solution. Sound healer Colin Kingshott has produced a bioresonant essence of chlorella in his Supergreen range which is tasteless, and you can just take a few drops of it each day, in some fruit juice.

Chlorella Supergreen essence also impacts on many problems with mental issues, such as difficulty with acceptance of life and self assertivesness.  It’s also good for helping to balance the chakras – particularly those of the root, throat and solar plexus.

You can buy Chlorella Supergreen online here at our site, The Holistic Health Store.

Detox Bioresonant Sound Essence

Colin has also especially designed for us this year a Detox Bioresonant Sound Essence, and so again, this is another way to support your body during this time.

In fact, this Detox essence is so good for you, we’re not allowed to even tell you how good … by law; we can only tell you how it will make you feel while you’re detoxing … but you’re probably knowledgeable enough to read between the lines. It contains…

  • Flax – to improve spiritual and inner levels of awareness
  • Dandelion – to help remove fears and old emotional patterns
  • Cilantro – to bring an increased sense of up-liftment and vitality
  • Black walnut – to help remove blocks that have restricted the Life force
  • Milk thistle –  to clean away anger and stress
  • Chlorella – to aid in releasing negative energy

You can buy Detox Sound Essence here at our site, at the Holistic Health Store.

So happy detoxing … and Happy New Year!

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