Gift your lover with healing from the song of the sea

If your significant other is interested in healing, and always on the look-out for the latest effective therapies and remedies, she will love you even more for gifting her the latest technology in the field of sound healing.

Each of our Frequensea sound mist sprays contains a sympathetic and harmonic composition of sounds recorded from sea shells, seaweeds, sea flowers, and they are combined with essential oils to create synergies of experiences. They can be used singularly or in a combination with an essence and will act as a support spray.


gallery6-11The Support spray contains the bioresonance sounds of starfish, bladderwrack seaweed and sea campion.



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Anxiety and Stress

gallery6-12Our Anxiety and Stress sprays contain the bioresonance sounds of the sea urchin, dulse seaweed, sea lavender and white coral.



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gallery6-13Our Focus sprays contain the bioresonance sounds of the clam, seasquill, sea holly and red coral.



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FrequenSea Bathtime Products

These bathtime products which  are free from chemicals, have been energised by the bioresonance of the sea.

Foaming Bath Cream – release and let go

Our Foaming Bath Cream contains the bioresonance sound of sea campion which will help to release and let go into our process, along with the bioresonance sound of the seabuckthorn to give a supportive quality

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Shower and Bath Gel – detoxing for sensitive people

gallery6-15Our Shower Bath Gels contain the bioresonance sound of the sea pea which will help you to release the flotsam and jetsam of life, while the sea lettuce is great for detoxing and is extremely supportive of sensitive people.

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Sugar and Salt Scrub – bringing emotional focus

gallery6-16Our Sugar and Salt scrub contains the bioresonance sounds of the sea lavender and is great for supporting the life force. It helps to bring emotional balance, while the song of the dulse seaweed will aid to bring focus.

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