Valentine’s Day – balance your heart chakra with our crystal oils

Each of our beautiful Chakra Oils sings with vibrational songs of semi-precious stones and other gifts from Mother Nature’s rich cornucopia, the colouring is all from Her plants, and we’ve added in a splash or two of fragrant essential oils and absolutes.

These spray oils are excellent for clearing, purifying and balancing the chakras and are used by therapists over a range of different healing therapies. For instance, crystal therapists have been using these chakra oils in our Crystal School for more than 25 years, and they are one of our biggest sellers in Scandinavia.

Heart chakra oil

Our Heart Chakra oil contains the bioresonance of peridot, a green kind of opal which is often confused for emerald. Wearing peridot has been found to help people in understanding their relationships better, and their values. Peridot is related to happiness, love and truth which are the qualities of Eros and Venus.

It also contains the bioresonance of the rock rose, a flower associated with Venus.


Spray our Chakra Oil around your chest area when you want to feel more open to a healthy kind of nurturing love, and you need some balance and harmony in your life. It’s slightly cleansing and will give better clarity, insight and help to calm the emotions.

Contains: lime, basil, juniper essential oils, peridot vibrational oil. Bioresonance: Rock rose, note F.

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