Four powerful steps to reverse autoimmune symptoms

Autoimmune conditions bring pain and misery to an estimated 20% of the population.   Conventional wisdom handed down by the medical establishment says that these conditions are incurable.

But there’s a new school of thought that looks to find and deal with the root causes. As a result, many people are making great progress in getting rid of these conditions.

Ask yourself whether you have the early stages of autoimmune problems and get some immediate strategies for dealing with this!

This is from the Gut Geek, Adrian Corbett

The conventional wisdom with autoimmune diseases is that there is no cure. But I’m telling you that is not the end of the story.

It is in fact possible to reverse autoimmune conditions and in some cases even to get rid of them completely. I’m going to tell you about somebody who’s done exactly that.

Adrian’s Story

First of all why me? Why am I telling you about all this?

A few years ago, I was really struggling with my own health. My digestive system was completely in failure. My immune system was in a terrible state and I was getting ill all the time.

That was particularly bad news when I was backpacking in South America, as you can pick up a lot of bugs. But my problems started a long time before I left, as I’d had chronic diarrhea and constant allergies for years. My immune system wasn’t working properly, it was misfiring.

Now that’s what happens with autoimmune diseases as well. Your immune system gets confused and starts attacking your body, instead of attacking the pathogens it’s supposed to defend you against. The energy of the immune system is diverted inwards and starts causing pain and inflammation all over your body. Soon it can start damaging your organs.

So, I was on the road to that situation. Fortunately I caught it in time. Other people are not so lucky.

Tracie’s Story

I’m gonna tell you about Tracie, a friend of mine and an amazing case study. She’s incredibly inspiring, a really wonderful lady, and I hope you find her as inspiring as I do!

In her blog Tracie talks about the struggles she’s had since as far back as 1980 when she first experience the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease. She dealt with the MS with conventional medicine for many years and unfortunately in 2012 got a second autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis.

Now, can you imagine having both of these conditions at the same time? With the effects of the MS Tracie was already having difficulty walking, and then with the rheumatoid arthritis her hands became so painful, so swollen that she couldn’t use the cane she normally used for walking around.

You can imagine how badly Tracie’s quality of life was affected by this, how frightening it was, how miserable this tough combination of circumstances could make you!

Tracie, though, is a scientist and she took a rigorous, thoughtful approach to her illness. She tried lots of different things, until eventually, she hit on a recipe for success with these 4 steps, which I’m going to break down for you.

Step 1 – Functional Medicine

She found a Functional Medical Doctor. This is important for two reasons:

a) You’re going to need guidance all the way through this process. It can get very complicated at times and you’ll need the help of a professional as you go.

b) Note that I said a Functional Medical Doctor. How is that different to a Conventional Medical Doctor? A Conventional Medical Doctor will give you the mainstream medical advice on autoimmune diseases, that there is no cure and that the only way, broadly speaking, to treat these conditions is to suppress your own immune system.

But as you can imagine, by damping down your immune system, you become more susceptible to other illnesses that are around. You get terrible fatigue, you get lots of horrible side effects, you feel awful.

On the other hand, a Functional Medical Doctor is more interested in getting to the root cause of this conditions.

What are the root causes? That’s a difficult question to answer but it has a lot to do with the condition of your gut, the food you eat, the environment you’re in, and how much toxic stuff you’re bringing into your body one way or another.

We are all susceptible to these different trigger factors in different ways, depending on our genetics. So yes it’s complicated, but it’s not impossible to unravel.

Tracie has successfully unravelled many of the causes of her conditions! And she is not the only person who has done this. Using similar strategies, many other people have made made great strides in overcoming these so called incurable conditions.

Step 2 – Thorough Testing

With the help of your doctor, get as many tests done as you can! You need to be tested for all kinds of stuff, like hidden infections inside your body, parasites inside your gut, food allergies, heavy metal toxicity, whether you are celiac, etc.

You also need to be tested for nutritional deficiencies because it’s common when your gut isn’t working, when you’re in this autoimmune zone, that you won’t be digesting all of the nutrients your body needs.

These tests will give you lots of clues as to what’s going on with your body and will highlight the areas that really need attention, for example with supplements.

Step 3 – Diet

Follow the Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) diet and follow it strictly. See below for links to some of the best places to find information about this particular diet.

AIP is the best diet for this kind of situation because it’s super clean, it’s incredibly nourishing and it’s very anti-inflammatory.

And Tracie will tell you to follow it strictly! Why does it have to be strict? Because in this autoimmune zone our bodies have got into a very sensitive state.

Every single little thing that you can do to help clean your body, to help heal and seal your gut, to remove any obstacle to healing, will gradually make a difference.

So consider yourself like an athlete training for a race. Every tiny, little thing that you can do to get a 2-millimetre edge over your competitor will make a difference. Cumulatively these little steps will give you what it takes to win the race. That’s how careful you have to be.

But it will be worth it because you’ll start to get your energy back and start to feel more like your old self, like Tracy does now.

Step 4 – Stress Strategies

Step 4 is to find your anti-stress strategies. Why is this important? Your body is only really able to heal itself when it’s not stressed. As soon as your body is feeling stressed, a whole lot of different processes are switched on. You get ready for fight or flight and your body switches off its healing mechanisms.

Part of the problem with autoimmune conditions is that the body’s healing ability has been lost, so we need to remove every single possible obstacle in the way of our body healing. And one of those obstacles is stress. Here are some ideas for getting your body into a deeply relaxed state:

– restorative yoga

– deep breathing practice

– meditation

– massage

And if, like many of us, your stress comes from juggling the demands of a busy life, you can reduce your stress levels by using a life planning system like Tony Robbins’ RPM system

Whatever it is, find the strategy that works for you.


What are Tracie’s 4 steps to reverse or even cure autoimmune conditions?

1. Find a Functional Medical Doctor. Find a good one and get him/her to help you through this entire healing process. It’s not going to be just one visit, it’s going to be all the way through.

2. Get tested for as many things as you can, at the start and whilst going through the healing process. This will give you the clues you need as to what’s happening in your body. All these autoimmune conditions are different and everyone’s body is a bit different too.

3. Get on the Autoimmune Paleo diet. Conventional wisdom in conventional medicine says that diet is not related to autoimmune conditions. This is nonsense! Diet makes a huge difference.

4. Find YOUR anti-stress strategy. Use it regularly and consistently.

These are all big steps and we could spend hours  talking about each one, and we will in future episodes. But for now, I want to give you a road map, an outline of the steps you can take to copy Tracie’s success in curing what the doctors said was an incurable condition.

Tracie’s Success

The rheumatoid arthritis that Tracie had is now completely cured! The excruciating pain in her hands has gone.

She is also in the process of reversing the multiple sclerosis and it’s a whole lot better! She’s got much of her mobility back, is no longer in  pain all the time and her fatigue is way better.

Her body has been carrying the multiple sclerosis for a lot longer than the rheumatoid arthritis, so it’s not surprising it will take longer to reverse, but she has already made outstanding progress.

I hope you find her story and strategies helpful. Maybe you’re already doing two or three of these strategies but you need to do all four of them consistently to get the best results.

So I hope this is going to help in reminding or alerting you to some of the things that you could really benefit from.

Let me know your thoughts, comments or questions.  Tell me how you’re getting on with these or other strategies. And I’ll have more good stuff for you soon!


Tracie’s blog:

Tracie on her rheumatoid arthritis

Tracie on regaining her mobility

Tracie on testing her biochemistry

The Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) diet: and AIP Lifestyle

Tony Robbins’ life planning system (RPM – Rapid Planning Method):

Many thanks to the Gut Geek, Adrian Corbett


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