The amazing healing benefits of sound healing

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

I’ve recently been going for sound healing treatments, and I have to say, after just two sessions, I’ve found it totally transformative. It’s cleared up a major problem that other holistic health treatments had been unable to reach, and which I’d just been beginning to think that I’d have to learn to live with.

Over the years, I’ve spent a fortune on masseurs, chiropracters and osteopaths after a couple of nasty falls, in quick succession, afflicted me with chronic back-ache for years. Now, just two sound healing sessions later, my back feels better than ever before. My healer quickly found the reason – my pelvis had been pushed back and up – so much so that one leg was inches shorter than the other. I’d been walking skew-whiff for years, and not even realising it.

To be fair to other holistic healers who have tried to solve my back problems, it was only ever going to be sound healing that would be the ultimate solution because the vibrational resonance of the tuning forks and crystals, in the right hands, are able to penetrate the emotional energetic component of the injury at its source. Sound can travel into other dimensions, where the trauma is often be stored, and tackle the problem there.

 Inter-dimensional healing

What had never been addressed before, by other physical therapists, was the shock and trauma I’d felt at the time. It had also been a lonely period in my life when I’d (wrongly) convinced myself that no-one cared for me. So these falls were a double-blow to my energy body and it felt personal … as if the universe had deliberately tripped me up.

This may seem irrational, but humans do think and feel in these terms, rational or not, and especially when we’re hurt. We can default to how we felt as a child at such times, and revert to emotional reactions that we experienced before we can understand how cause and effect works. So our irrational feelings play a huge role in what makes us feel ill or out of sorts. It’s not just a physical problem, in other words.

My sound healer worked on clearing that hurt and trauma from my energy field, and she also noticed quite a lot of old stuff that had been stored around my throat and upper chest area. Once she cleared all that, I noticed instantly a freeing up in my neck and shoulder regions. When I walked home afterwards,  I walked fast and straight up the hill to my home with no breathlessness and no stopping – I’d usually need a breather half-way up.

Nutritional benefits

The other benefits to my health have been more subtle but palpable nonetheless. My desires for what I want to eat have changed. As I write this, I’m sipping from a big tumbler of juiced spinach, apple, kiwi, banana, almonds and pumpkin seeds, and I’m eating two rice cakes with homemade humus. That’s now a typical lunch for me. I’ve just put an organic chicken in the oven, to have later on for supper with mixed winter salad, homemade red cabbage sauerkraut and creamed butternet squash with garlic.

I’m naturally gravitating to eating more raw foods – often juiced – much fewer carbohydrates and even then, always complex ones – in other words, wholefoods. I no longer eat dairy products or sugar, or even desire sweet things anymore. I’m eating smaller meals, and less often. Possibly an emotional hole has now been filled? I certainly don’t even think about comfort eating – because I’m already content and at ease.

Sound healing in a bottle

I wish there were sound healers in every town, because they’d very quickly decimate all those ridiculously long hospital waiting lists for treatments that often don’t even work, or give you side-effects.

If you have something that needs physically adjusting, like a pelvis out of place, you do need go to see someone who can operate more ‘heavy lifting gear’ like tuning forks and crystals.

But for more emotional and mental issues, there is another way to benefit from sound healing, and that’s why we created The Holistic Health Store, to sell sound healer Colin Kingshott’s essences and spa products that contain bioresonant healing.

Holistic Store twitter 1


I would never sell anything that I don’t use myself – and I’ve always found Colin’s essences and sprays to be excellent for helping to lift the mood, banishing stuck emotions and making changes to the energy body or auric field.  We’ve got lots of articles about the benefits of all his products in our Sound Healing section – and here’s a video explaining further about how sound healing works on the cellular level.

But let me just give you a small taster.

For instance, there are some beautiful products made from undersea corals. They are like submarinal stars, creating their own harmony of the spheres and vibrating with octaves of sound that create frequencies of colour. Colin’s Coral Luminaries range has derived essences which help us to bridge dimensions as well as connect with our Divine feminine and masculine selves.


Holistic Store twitter 28

Detox Special Sound Essence

Detox Special Sound Essence is so good for you, we’re not allowed to even tell you how good … by law; we can only tell you how it will make you feel while you’re detoxing. But you’re probably knowledgeable enough to read between the lines.

It contains:

  • Flax – which improves spiritual and inner levels of awareness
  • Dandelion – which helps to remove fears and old emotional patterns
  • Cilantro – which brings an increased sense of up-liftment and vitality
  • Black walnut – which helps remove blocks that have restricted the Life force
  • Milk thistle –  which helps to clean away anger and stress
  • Chlorella – which helps in releasing negative energy

Supergreen Essences – Detox Special Sound Essence

30 mls




Holistic Store twitter 21


And then there’s our Chakra Oils range, which sings with the bioresonant sounds of semi-precious stones and other gifts from Mother Nature’s rich cornucopia. These spray oils are excellent for clearing, purifying and balancing the chakras and are used by therapists over a range of different healing therapies. For instance, crystal therapists have been using these chakra oils in Colin’s Crystal School for more than 25 years, and they are one of the biggest sellers in Scandinavia.

We’ve lots more – such as the Kiddyology range – from thumbsucking and bedwetting to teenage blues and everything in between. Not to mention  FrequenSea from sea-shells, Butterfly Sprays, Aura Biosonics, Bach flower essences and spa products.

I always say that sound healing is the healing of the future – but why wait?


Holistic Store twitter 35


I really do encourage you to check out all our products on The Holistic Health Store

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