Is it more spiritual to be left-wing or right-wing?

Any shaman reading that title will have a good chuckle to themselves, no doubt, because they will know that the spirits of the shaman are neither – they are the whole big bird. But it is a subject that needs addressing because there are those in politics who are like barkers and snakeskin oil salesmen in a fairground, and are trying to bang the drum for their own corrupted versions of spirituality, or of doing ‘what’s right’, in order to promote their own political campaigns.

There are many in the electorate who don’t know any better and so believe what they say – and so I think that if these groups get their way, it will not only adversely affect our health and wellbeing personally, but also the health of our nations. This is because the absence of dis-ease is intrinsically linked to the truth, which comes from true spirituality.

Let me explain …

I’m not saying that truth is necessarily about which politician, or political belief is the right one, because time and context is everything.  To me, being aligned with truth is about being intelligent enough to at least see someone’s true motives at that time, and in that particular context.

For instance, there are some who might think Christianity is the more spiritual religion, with Jesus’s command to ‘turn the other cheek’. But he didn’t turn the other cheek to the money changers in the temple. Sometimes, being in truth means having to fight back, to defend what is right – and having good advice from the guiding spirits is crucial at that time, so that you can quickly make the decisions that are best for you and the greater whole.

 So how is all this linked to shamanism and health?

The spirits of the shaman are the interdimensional entities who guide him or her along the path of their own spiritual evolution and the spiritual evolution of their tribe or community – which as I said before, is intrinsically associated with health and wellbeing, The shaman who works with the spirits of place, or the spirits of the land as they are sometimes called, are fulfilling their destiny to protect their community by upholding what’s known as the Sovereignty.

You may have heard this term Sovereignty being bandied about in political debates, such as the one about whether Britain should stay or leave in the EU. But Sovereignty is not just political – it starts off life as metaphysical, because it comes as a transmission from the spirits of place. So why do I think that upholding the Sovereignty of the land so important to health and wellbeing?

The royal road

Soon after becoming a shaman and starting to work with the spirits of the land, I began to realise the enormous empowerment that comes from living on the land of one’s ancestors – but you don’t have to be a shaman to benefit from this. There is great strength to be derived for anyone who eats organically-grown food which has been nurtured in the soil into which their own ancestors’ bodies have broken down or biodegraded – as well as drinking the pure waters which flow through their burial grounds.

We are not taught much about DNA – scientists only examine the physical manifest component of what is actually in fact a multi-dimensional ‘royal road’ that the shaman journeys along, back to the ancestors. Therefore, the importance of keeping the DNA intact is paramount – and which remaining on the land of the ancestors helps to empower.

The idea of Sovereignty isn’t racist, and it isn’t right wing just because it appears to be about protecting one’s own territory. I always find it strange when people who are more than happy to go help, say, the indigenous Indians remain on their own land in the rainforest, then cry ‘racist!” to anyone who tries to do this at home. But if you want to have a spiritual life like a shaman does, you need to be in touch with the wisdom of your ancestors through the land where they’re buried in order to gain insights and wisdom about health, wellbeing and survival, and this has been the case throughout history.

If you go back thousands of years, there was a time when most people had a more shamanic consciousness and perception, purely because of the wisdom that was consciously accrued and passed down, generation to generation. They lived within tribes who were nomadic, but who mostly remained within the same, usually circular, area of land. They ate organic foods and drank pure water which they considered to be gifts from the ancestors who were buried on this land, and this kept their energy bodies clean and thus more open to spiritual communication.

All of this I know to be true because I have experienced it myself. The more I eat organically, locally grown foods and drink from the springs, the better is my health and wellbeing, and the better my communication is with the spirits. Thus the more my intelligence develops enough for me to get a clearer view of what’s really going on.

Today, I see politicians trying to persuade people in the name of spirituality to give up their lands to foreign people who have often been trained to hate them by religions which don’t even pretend to have a spiritual component, much less a love for our land. They may have a grasping desire for our land, but that’s not the same thing.

I see other politicians trying to persuade us, in the name of spirituality, to overturn the ‘dark money’ of the existing political system, when they themselves are the products of ‘dark money’ and in some cases, have the biggest hoards of all. They are often followed by those who hate with a vengenance anyone who doesn’t espouse these same ‘worthy’ values – when all along, they are just doing the bidding and the work of the real capitalists.

‘Astro-turfing’ in the Spring

To me, these are all just appeals to the egos, to the vanity, of those who want to believe that they are a more ‘spiritual person’ than others, when these blind followers have never had any meaningful contact with a real spirit in their lives, and neither have those exploiting this weakness in them.

I think the latter types are the most evil or unspiritual people of all, because while pretending to be sheep dogs, they are really wolves that are leading the simple-minded  sheep into their dens. This form of political ‘dirty tricks’ is also known as ‘astro-turfing’ because they deliberately hijack the real and genuine burgeoning grassroots sentiments to their own ends. That’s probably why they always make their moves in Spring – hence the so-called Arab Spring and the Prague Spring (they’re not very good at thinking up new names!).

You may have heard the term ‘virtue signalling’? It has come to refer to those on social media who ‘virtue signal’ like-minded people by making what they believe are the correct noises about what appears to them to be spiritual. The noises consist of memes such as “We are all One” – well, if we are all One, the spirits of the land never got that memo, because they are as diverse as the stars in the sky. And maybe that’s a good metaphor. The stars in the sky only look all the same to us on Earth because we don’t have enough vision to see how different they are, close to.

So does all this mean that I think all politics is evil or wrong? No, I don’t think so. It’s not politics that’s at fault – it’s about the difference between lying and truth. The truth, to those that hear it, rings like a bell. It has a clear and clean energy body and so there’s no dirt or toxicity getting in the way to obstruct the purity of its resonance. To someone attuned and aware, when a politician is speaking the truth, it rings true. But when they try to use spirituality as a cloak for their sophistry and mendacity, there is a terrible, discordant clanging sound.

Another benefit to eating locally and organically – and avoiding globalist junk food – is that such good nutrition helps to improve your gut flora and thus your gut instinct. My gut lets me know when someone is lying to me, and it is never wrong.

My gut tells me that the biggest lie of all is that we live in a democracy. For the past 40 years at least, we’ve been presented with a Plato’s Cave shadow-play of democracy that is, in reality, a kind of bipartisan treason to disguise and operate a soft tyranny.  There have been no real candidates to vote for because, whoever we elect, the globalists get in. So I hear a big clanging discord there.

But it’s not just all about ‘them’. There’s another important factor, and it’s that being able to perceive honesty in others is in direct correlation with being able to be honest with yourself about yourself. This is something my spirit guides have been very patient with me about – proud Leo, that I am! – and we are making some progress.

But this is why seeing through a lie isn’t enough in itself. A political candidate could be speaking as honestly as he or she knows how, but they may not have been honest enough with themselves about whether they have the political nous to implement what they’re promising. Or you may be living so much on Paradise Island yourself, that you make the same faulty judgment – wishful thinking and good intentions are said to pave the road to hell. So that’s another factor that your enhanced intelligence can help you with – by zooming out to see the wider picture.

The health of the nation

To go along with all the lies means that we’re aligning our mind-body-spirit to untruth too. This causes our energetic bodies to become clogged up with the cigarette butts,  Macdonalds wrappers and crushed Coke cans of denial and cognitive dissonance. Many end up taking tranquilisers or SSRIs to try to feel better about themselves. But these have side effects and some can be fatal. In the final analysis, you can’t medicate yourself against the truth – well, not for long anyway. There is no short cut to true mind-body-spirit health, because it all comes down to living in truth, and truth brings balance.

Optimal health is always about balance – and so is the health of the nation. There are times when the political pendulum needs to swing back towards the centre from going too far one way, but the centre-ground is always a matter of contention. If the left has gone too far left, they accuse those on the centre-ground of being too right wing. It’s vice-versa when the pendulum swings to the far right – the centre is then accused of being too left. It’s just a matter of perception.

To me, spirituality always comes back to Sovereignty, in the end, which is not in the same dimension as politics. The Sovereignty is like an Underworld seed bed that is eternally germinating new ideas, inventions and innovations to blossom forth into the surface world in due course. This is why I think that human beings are so infinitely resourceful –  even when we’re only slightly in touch with the other worlds through our gut instinct and intuition.

And so my advice is not to follow any leaders who pretend to know what the spirits want – including me! – but to keep our options open to what the spirits will send up through the grassroots this Spring!

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