Why Sovereignty is good for our health, and the health of nations

If you’ve read this book, you’ll know that it’s about the interdimensional activity of shamans which create the underpinnings in the Underworld of what manifests on the world stage. It’s about the ultimate act of alchemical creation – this was the purpose of the Alchemical Marriage within the ancient sex rites for which we have historical and mythological evidence going back thousands of years.

So why are these Sovereignty rites important today?

The issue of Sovereignty is not about insisting on national borders for their own sake, or because we are closed minded to the peoples and cultures of other nations. Far from it. But it is about understanding the importance of living on the land where one’s ancestors are buried, and being nourished by the food grown in soil in which our forebears’ bodies have biodegraded and composted, and drinking the waters that flow through their burial grounds. This roots us and empowers us to stand tall and strong through and within our lines of DNA – like a tree is rooted. Without its roots, a tree would be blown over by the first gust of strong wind.

We’re seeing the early results today of the antithesis to Sovereignty – the effects of globalisation. Even on the most mundane level, globalist enterprises seem to only benefit those at the very top of the hierarchy while the rest of the people suffer. It produces two-tier societies of either crony capitalism or crony communism.

But there is a problem psychologically too; when people lose touch with the spirits of their own lands, they seem to lose something of their own heart energy and in the worst of cases, can appear to be like walking ghosts; the body is present – but something vital is missing – and this makes them and their ideas easier to manipulate.

Understanding the importance of Sovereignty is not a knee-jerk, isolationist or ‘Little Englander’ response to the problem of different cultures being unable or unwilling to integrate. It’s not so much about culture, or religion, or race – it’s about spirit. Unfortunately, though, most cultures and religions today don’t recognise the spiritual aspect of the human being with all talk of divinity being quickly referred to an unattainable “God up there” in the skies, rather than to emphasise contact with the highly attainable “gods inside”, in other words, the spirits within the inner planes of human consciousness.

The Djinn and the Fae

The desert spirits of the land are known locally as the ‘djinn’, whereas the spirits of these green and pleasant lands further north are known as the Fae, or faeries. They didn’t get the memo from the UN about us all ‘being One’ – and so they are all as different from each other as the stars in the sky!

These spirits of the land also didn’t need a lecture on diversity when diversity already exists – it’s called Nature and to see Mother Nature in Her full-blown diversity, you only need to leave Her alone for a few years.

But while diversity is found in apparent wildness, it’s not the wildness of indiscriminatory abandon. She knows that a desert flower won’t grow well in the Highlands of Scotland, or that weeping willows will not thrive in the desert. Nature has infallible discrimination about what will grow well and in what conditions – and that’s one very good reason why we shouldn’t listen to those who tell us that discrimination is a ‘bad thing’.

The fake diversity we’ve been offered is one which is artificially created for political ends – usually to create tensions so that people are more easily controlled. Even its erstwhile proponents now admit that ‘multiculturalism’ has failed.

In order to accept globalism or multiculturalism, you have to ignore many of the natural laws. You have to pretend that they don’t exist. Most of Nature’s functions are defined and supported by limits, lines, walls and borders, making these delineations essential for a healthy physical body, and also the health of the nation. For instance, the walls of our cells operate a filtering system which controls what comes in and what goes out, and keeps out what’s permanently banned.

A healthy cell wall will allow nutrients to be taken in, and waste to be taken out, and it will automatically repel all nasties, such as viruses. A virus can only work on a weak cell wall – and it will attack that wall, like a battering ram, until it has enough of a gap to get in and then it floods the cell with disease.

Of course, this is a metaphor. I’m not saying that other people migrating from other lands are a virus; but I am saying that they could be used, unwittingly, as a battering ram to force down our borders by someone with only has his or her own best interests at heart which would act like a deadly virus on our society and its values.

Our metaphorical ‘cells walls’ will only become weak if we no longer understand the importance of using our own discrimination to protect our own interests. If we no longer value ourselves, through lack of self esteem, or are no longer cognisant of the Sovereignty of the land that our ancestors worked and bequeathed to us over thousands of years, then we are easy prey for such a virus.

In spiritual terms, it matters not who holds the Deeds of the land – it matters more who performed Deeds on the land – by which I mean shamanic rituals to honour the spirits and the ancestors. The Crown may hold the Deeds to the land, but they are just pieces of paper.  Thus the Sovereignty,  which is in reality a spiritual transmission, comes not from the Crown, but from the crown of those in touch with their own ancestors through the spirits of the land.

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