Why we should all be putting Britain first

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

The terrible murder of the much-loved Labour MP, Jo Cox, on Thursday, has been distastefully and disgracefully hijacked by those desperately scrabbling for a link between her killer, Thomas Mair, and the Leave campaign in the EU referendum. Whether or not this shooting turns out to be a false flag, we don’t yet know. But it can certainly be filed under the heading of “never let a good opportunity go to waste” for the Remain campaign, which has enormous governmental and media resources at its disposals, but which, nevertheless, has been floundering badly in the polls.

At the scene of the crime, a witness, Clarke Rothwell, told the press that the killer had shouted “Britain First” before shooting Jo. British First is a right-wing nationalist group. There were two other witnesses and both strongly deny this. It then turned out that Rothwell was a fully paid up member of the British National Party which is in dispute with British First. Nobody in the mainstream media has so far reported on Rothwell’s vested interest in trying to implicate the group in this murder – probably because it’s not helpful to the narrative that they’re trying to inculcate in the public’s collective consciousness, which is a kind of emotional bullying based on guilt-by association.

But when I say we should all put Britain first, I don’t mean that we should join a right wing nationalistic organisation. Far from it –  and I explain about the cause of the rise of right-wing violent extremism at the end of this article, and why voting Leave on Thursday would actually put these thugs out of the business. No, I’m saying that we should put our country first, with a small ‘f’,  because if we don’t, who will? Certainly not those who want to come here from other countries. We can see from Tony Blair’s failed attempt at multiculturalism that those peoples who come from other lands and other traditions put their own peoples and their cultures first, which is why they fail to integrate with us.

But even more importantly, the EU referendum is not about right and left – the issues at stake go much wider and deeper than political parties – which is why there are Tories and Labourites in both Leave and Remain.

For instance, there are prominent left-wingers in the Leave camp like Dennis Skinner, Frank Field, John Mann, Gisela Stuart and John Cryer.  And right wing Tories like David Cameron and George Osborne are leading the Remain side.

david-cameron flag

And have you yet seen Lexit the Movie – the left-wing rationale for why we should leave the EU? It features left-wingers like Labour MP Kate Hoey, former SNP Deputy Leader Jim Sillars, former Respect MP George Galloway, former SDP leader Lord Owen and leading trade unionists, who are all in favour of leaving the EU.

So even if the police do finally manage to come up with a right-wing link to Mair, it will have no bearing on the EU referendum debate.

No, the issues at stake in this debate are about sovereignty and love for one’s country. Love for one’s country is not racism (fear of foreigners), or xenophobia (fear of the wider world). It’s also not about hatred. It’s quite the opposite – it’s about love. It’s about a swelling in the heart that we sometimes feel when we walk in a bluebell wood in the Spring. Or when we come over a high ridge and we gasp with joy as we survey the rich, green valley spread out before us like a velvet carpet. There are thousands of such examples …

We love our land because our ancestors, going back 10,000 years at least, are buried in it, and our food is grown in the soil which their decomposing bodies have fed with nutrients, over all that time. The waters that we drink flow underground around their burial places and becomes informed with their energetic DNA. We all have feet of clay – and so this is what we mean when we say this is our land, because we are rooted in it, and it is what empowers us as human beings.

It is the land of our forefathers. Many of them fought to defend this land and some lay buried where they fell, in those battles.  They have passed this land on to us – we are its custodians, we don’t own it – which is why although it is our land for now, it is not our land to give away … to Brussels, or to anyone else.

Of course, we can welcome people from all over the world for holidays, for other sorts of visits, and for purposes of trade and commerce. Hopefully, we will continue to visit their lands for similar purposes. But we can no more have uncontrolled migration across our borders than we would leave our front door open when we go out to work in mornings.  There are good people in our towns, but there are also bad people. There are some who might come in and clean our windows; there are others who could come in and strip our house bare. So we lock our front doors when we go out, and we keep the keys somewhere safe. We do that because we put the welfare of our families first – it is no different to put the welfare of your nation first.

 But what about the refugees?

Let’s talk about who those people are that want to come here, for a minute … because this is not about refugees. It’s about economic migrants.

Foreign office cables leaked a couple of weeks show that 1.2 million Turks are expected here, in the UK, in October, travelling without visas, and slipstreamed behind them will be 1.5 million similarly un-visa-ed Kosovans. This is actually a sophisticated form of people trafficking in which tens of billions of Euros changes hands – and is probably salted away in offshore bank accounts. It won’t reach our own GDP figures.

None of these people – the Turks and the Kosovans – will be coming from war-torn countries. They will be coming here out of sheer opportunism, which is in fact a mirage, a fantasy that they are being fed about some sort of Land of Milk and Honey. We don’t have enough houses or jobs for our own young people, in this time of austerity, let alone for almost three million more people. We are told that we need the migrants to come here because our own people are fast becoming extinct, through low birth rates. This is in fact not true, and quite the contrary. Office of National Statistics figures show that since 2001 we have been experiencing something of a boom in white births, almost rivalling the post-Second World War baby boom.

But the point is – the people coming here are not refugees, and have no right come here. So I believe that Nigel Farage was quite right in making uncontrolled immigration one of the issues of the Leave campaign, and it was absolute nonsense that it led to charges of racism.


Even the official EUStat figures show that of those who poured into Europe last year, as shown in Farage’s poster, around 80 per cent were economic migrants who came from countries which were not afflicted with war. Many of them, in fact, are on the move because of EU trade barriers and tariffs, which are killing Africa. If we Leave the EU, it will be doing those Africans a big favour, because they will be able to return to their own lands and start to get a decent price for their produce again.

Most of the people who are camped out at Calais are not refugees; they don’t meet the UN criteria. According to the 1951 Refugee Convention, refugees have to claim asylum in the first country they come to. Instead, those at Calais are there because they chose to trek all the way through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany – where they would have been well looked after should have they chosen to stop. Instead, these itinerant opportunists carried on to the coast of France, in the hope of being able to get across the Channel to the country with the highest national wage in Europe.

migrant route eu

Is this right wing xenophobia? Is it white supremacy?. No, it’s just common sense.

Why is right wing extremism on the rise?

Even now, after most have seen through the Britain First put-up job, the authorities and mainstream media are still casting around for straws in which they can link Jo’s killer, Mair, who has a history of mental illness and is on psychotropic drugs,  with a right-wing extremist group. The latest is a statement by Mair, from the dock: “My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain.” We have to remember that this comes from someone on psychiatric medication who’s probably just had the worst 48 hours of his life, in the ‘care’ of Special Branch.

Right-wing extremism is, though, unfortunately, on the rise, particularly across Europe, and so we have to ask why. History shows us that these sorts of groups have always arisen when they can exploit a political vacancy which arises when democracy fails. Basically, when the people sense that their vote means very little to their public servants, who are supposed to represent them in their nation’s parliament – when those MPs are in fact serving other interests – the people rise up in revolt, and when they rise up, it gets pretty ugly.

That’s why there is such a plethora of so-called right-wing protest groups today across Europe – they know that the EU is anti-democratic and that it is bad for Europe and bad for them.

But we are very fortunate here in Britain, because we don’t have to join one of these extremist groups to get our democracy and our sovereignty back from Brussels. All we need to do is vote to Leave the EU this coming Thursday, and we can take back control of our laws and our borders and our lives again.

It won’t happen overnight – if the vote is to Leave, it won’t be a magic bullet solution to all of the issues I’ve described in this article. But it will be the first step on the road to creating the right conditions for democratic rule again. Then these violent right-wing groups will just fade away, because they will have no reason nor excuse to exist.

So if you are planning to vote Leave, please don’t let the authorities and the mainstream media make you feel guilt by association over the horrendous killing of Jo Cox. These terrible events have been nothing to do with the Leave campaign – and the best way to end the violence of right-wing extremism is to vote Leave on Thursday.  It’s not right wing to want to recover the sovereignty of your land – it’s just good common sense.

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