Frankincense oil: The essential oil that can stop cancer

By Twain Yobra

Researchers are now recognizing the effectiveness of essential oils at fighting and preventing cancer. Studies have been conducted on different essential oils to determine whether these oils fight cancer.

These oils have shown promising results, but essential oils won’t help you if they aren’t therapeutic grade. Most essential oils out there are poor quality. Make sure you buy your oils from a trusted seller.

According to research, thyme, cinnamon, and jasmine oils destroy breast cancer cells. In fact, chamomile kills 93 percent of breast cancer cells in vitro.

In another study, researchers found that chamomile had the most powerful antioxidant properties compared to 11 other essential oils. But so far, research shows that frankincense is the most potent cancer-killer.

Frankincense oil kills cancer cells

This essential oil can kill cancerous cells in their early and progressive stages, thanks to compounds called monoterpenes.

Using frankincense oil can greatly benefit cancer patients depending on the stage it’s discovered. And the best thing about this oil is that it kills cancerous cells without damaging healthy ones, like chemotherapy.

Research shows that this oil has the ability to suppress lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, skin cancer and liver cancer cells. And in a recent study, researchers found that frankincense oil kills 96 percent of colon cancer cells and 97 percent of liver cancer cells.

Frankincense oil has been used for centuries to treat sore throat, digestive problems, coughing, fever, sore throat and so on.

Now, you may not know how to use this oil. Here are various ways to use frankincense oil to fight cancer and other diseases.

How to use frankincense oil

Aromatherapy: Diffuse frankincense oil in a closed room and sit there.

Topical application: Apply it on the skin to treat skin infections, inflammation, cuts and so on.

Ingestion: Before you ingest it make sure it’s pure oil. Realize that this oil can be toxic if ingested in high amounts.

Warning: Pregnant women shouldn’t use frankincense oil unless directed so by a doctor.

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