The benefits of vitamins D3 and K2

I’ve been writing about holistic nutrition, professionally, for about 30 years. But never have I witnessed such a turnaround in how we’re now thinking and what we’re now recommending. And never before have I experienced such a turnaround in my own health – through following the new guidelines – and I don’t mean just in terms of losing excess weight and feeling better through less inflammation; I mean to the extent of new tooth material and new hair growing and having masses more energy.

I almost feel that I’ve discovered the elixir of youth.

So how did we go so wrong before, in what we were recommending? And what is the nutrition revolution?

Well, I think it’s because doctors and physicians, during their training, were give little to no teaching about nutrition. So the field was left open to science to develop guidelines as it saw fit – and more importantly, as its funders saw fit. So with the likes of Kellogg’s and General Mills being the main donors, we were soon all being persuaded that the healthiest option was to eat according to the ‘food pyramid’, which is biased towards  cereals and other carbohydrates.

Food-Pyramid arrow

America’s GDP is highly dependent on agriculture, and so the ‘food pyramid’ served Big Farma well, for a time, when it came to selling cereals overseas, although they were turning a blind eye to the creeping epidemic of ‘insulin resistance’ being created by so much sugar flooding the bodies of their customers, and calling it ‘pre-diabetes’. But when genetically modified crops came in, and people worldwide began to reject them, Big Farma had a problem – lots of supply and little demand. So they decided to push GM corn and soya on to the poor dumb farm animals instead – and this is where it all started to go horribly wrong.

Now more than 95 per cent of meat and dairy on sale in UK  supermarkets – and it’s probably higher in the US – comes from animals that have been fed on GM corn and soya.

However, apart from the dangers of the problems associated with genetic modification jumping the species barrier from the GM-fed animals into humans – which is very real – it produced another problem. And this problem soon led to an epidemic of diseases from arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and bursitis to rheumatoid arthritis, leaky gut (IBS), heart disease and dementia. So what do all these health conditions have in common? Rogue calcium in the body.

Rogue calcium

Rogue calcium floats around the body, furring up the arteries and clogging up other places where it has no business to be, not knowing where to go because it needs a key vitamin to guide it to where it’s required, specifically to the bones, teeth, hair and nails.

The vitamins the body needs to guide the rogue calcium are D3 and K2. K2 shouldn’t be confused with vitamin K1, which we need for clotting our blood. Vitamin K2 comes only from two sources: meat and dairy from grass-fed or pasture-fed animals, and a disgusting-tasting seaweed called Natto which even causes the Japanese to screw up their faces when they force themselves to eat it.

 Why is ‘grass-fed’ so important?

It’s important to only eat meat and dairy from grass-fed and pasture-fed animals, because vitamin K2 is produced in the animal’s stomach from fermented grass. Then when you eat the products developed from those grass-fed animals, be they meat or dairy, you get the K2.

The only other way to get K2 – apart from the disgusting Natto – is to take K2 as a supplement. This one comes from a good supplier (#ad) and it also contains vitamin D3.

vitamin K2

Vitamin D3 is responsible for guiding the calcium from the digestive system into the blood where vitamin K2 takes over to escort the calcium to the bones, teeth, hair and nails, which is just K2’s day job before it gets around to kindly healing any leaky guts, and growing new teeth and hair for old ladies like me!

Vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, comes from animal foods like fatty fish, cod liver oil, eggs and liver, and can be made internally when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

If you live in the UK, you can find grass-fed or organic meat suppliers in your neighbourhood on our free-to-download app, Shop GMO-Free in the UK.

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