The Grail Mysteries, Lesson 3: Forging our own Faery Sword of Truth

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

Sometimes people use old myths about faeries, dwarves and wizards to build a cosy, walled cognitive space – in the same way that as children we used to construct camps from blankets and bedspreads in which to hide from the realities of the adult world.

However, the ancient myths were not meant for that purpose and neither are my books, because these deeply rich allegorical tales contain wisdom keys that provide us with ways of meeting the seemingly impossibly difficult challenges of the human condition. These challenges don’t change from generation to generation. The problems that we’re faced with today were also faced by our ancestors thousands of years ago. From the minute we give out that first scream at birth, we’re in a life-and-death struggle between good and evil, whether we realise it or not – and often our adversaries prefer us not to realise it, as they soften us up for the killing blow.

That’s why I chose the archetypal symbol of the sword to begin this series of lessons that make up these mystery teachings, which are based on the stories in my own books and particularly The Grail Mysteries. The last article, Lesson 2, was about the faery woman who raises the sword from beneath the frozen Hart Lake under the stars of Capricorn, and I’ve shown various ways of getting in touch with the faery gold buried within our own frozen emotional pain and forging it into our own Fragarach, the Sword of Truth.

But here’s another way at looking at the same metaphor that I particularly like for a number of reasons.

Fey 3 swords
From The Fey Tarot by Riccardo Minetti and Mara Aghem

In this Three of Swords from The Fey Tarot, a male faery is rising up from the sea and we can see that Fragarach has been forged within him. The element of Air is still present, ruffling the waves around him, and although his face seems to be registering deep sadness, there is also a bright dawn on the horizon. He just has to find the courage to use his sword of truth.

There is also an element of betrayal in the Three of the Swords, in any deck, and I find that emotion particularly appropriate to what I’m going to explain further down this lesson, about how we’ve been betrayed by those we trusted.

But I also like the idea of the sea replacing the image of the lake, because I consider the sea to be our spiritual mother and, as a symbol, it represents transformation through purification, and birth and growth. We grow not just through, but because of our pain. Unfortunately, though, our inner Ocean of Dreams is choc-a-block full of icebergs that are bigger than the one that sank the Titanic. We need them to melt, to taste the sea salt of our warm tears before the faery gold can materialise.


So how to get the icebergs to melt? That’s the question, because what we’ve done is perfectly normal. We haven’t done anything wrong. We’ve had to put the deepest of our pain into the freezer because otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to function day-to-day. But it is possible to create a safe space with a beginning, a middle and an end, and use it to sit quietly and locate our deepest wounds and then to express it. This is why sometimes the shaman is referred to as the Wounded Healer. He or she forges their own power weapons from the salty blood of their own weeping inner wounds.

The sea winds of change

I’m currently doing this shamanic work because I realise that the sea winds are on the turn. We’re on an important cusp of a huge sea-change in the hearts and minds of humanity with regard to waking up about the reality regarding the sorts of people who rule us. The latest revelations from Hollywood about Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey are just the first tentative signs that a huge, slowly moving glacier has finally reached the warmer ocean of the collective consciousness and is about to explode into it.

Currently, we’re just hearing about how teenagers and young people are groomed and coerced into having sex with those who can promote their careers in show business. This is nothing compared to what will eventually be revealed; that we are ruled by elites that have been trafficking, locking in cages, torturing and killing children, some as young as babies, in Satanic rites, and they’ve been carrying out this diabolical practice on an almost industrial scale.

The sexual abuse, torture and murder of babies and children is practised, often ritually, right up to the highest echelons of society. It is used to provide the sand and gravel for the blackmail that cements together – as thick as thieves – the ruling elites of the Deep State, which runs all political parties with a dark Mafiosa-like conspiracy of omerta (silence) and of unequivocal loyalty to their cause. Their cause, currently, is the culling of the white people, which they are achieving through various means from spraying poisonous chemicals on the land, seas and skies, vaccines, denatured and genetically-modified foods, the “smart” agenda, free abortions on demand and gender-confusion to name but a few. They are also acting through the United Nations to carry out ethnic cleansing, euphemistically called population replacement programs, across the countries of the white peoples.

I recently heard that Putin has told those that rule us in the West that if they don’t admit to their evil method of governance, and start to clean it up, then he will reveal it. I am not a Communist – and by the way, neither is Putin nor Russia, these days – and I don’t know his agenda and so it could be ultimately to our detriment. But I do know that what he says in this regard is true, and it’s clear from his Executive Order on the subject that the President of the United States’s mission is also to round up all the ruling paedophiles and child traffickers. That’s why the Washington Swamp is in such a panic about Donald Trump.

So the reality on the world stage is about as awful as any distopian novel could come up with. But as the world order seems to be breaking up around us, my concern about who will end up ruling us pales into insignificance compared to the source of my deepest pain; that is when I think of the agony, despair and feelings of betrayal which the thousands – if not millions – of these Lost Children must have gone through as they were visciously and ritualistically butchered to death by black-hearted, psychopathic murderers. I cannot find the words – and I’m usually quite a good wordsmith – to describe how that makes me feel. I can only feel it and sit silently with that feeling until the icebergs start to melt and my tears reveal the fairy gold within, with which I can forge my own Fragarach.

In one way, it’s something of a relief to know that the agonising knowledge I’ve carried for years will soon become public currency because I will be able to share the burden of its weight. But I know also that people, in their horror, will be wildly casting around for quick and easy solutions, just as I did when I first had my eyes opened. However, I don’t believe that there are any easy solutions. Letters to MPs, petitions, protest marches, voting for one party over another? What difference can any of that make when those that rule us in the West – from the government and the legislature to the judiciary and the police – have been infiltrated by culpable puppets of the filthy and corrupt Deep State? And if they are not involved themselves in this evil practice of child sex abuse, many will know about it and have chosen not to speak, in order to advance their careers.

So when the god-awful, gut wrenching horror does finally out emerge of the waters, and hits the airwaves of the mainstream media, all we can do is to have forged our Fragarach, our sword of truth, and with a clear head that has faced its demons, be ready for whatever’s required of us.

If you would find it helpful, do meditate on the Three of Swords image from The Fey Tarot. Let the gentle waves of the warm, lapping sea transform your pain with its saltiness and mineral goodness while knowing, at the same time, that the apricot light of the dawn sun is rising behind you.

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