The Grail Mysteries, Lesson 4: Enchanted Healing at the Gates of Dawn

In the last article, Lesson 3, Forging our own faery sword of truth, we discussed the metaphorical meaning of the Three of Swords, and I used an example from the Fey Tarot in which a male faery is rising from the sea with the dawn breaking just behind him.

Dawn is a major character in my books where she plays the same role as she does in the Tarot, which is to denote the promise or covenant of rebirth after ‘death’ – whether it’s just the end of a cycle in our lives or the final initiation in which we leave this dimension forever. For this reason, the character of Death in most good decks has a red, pink or apricot sunrise behind him.

Then there’s the Wind in the Willows. To me, it’s the most magically evocative part of Kenneth Grahame’s book when the Piper at the Gates of Dawn materialises at daybreak.

The same enchanted imagery is conjured up by the C.S. Lewis’s serpent ship for his Narnia Chronicles, the Dawn Treader. He based The Dawn Treader on the Celtic Mabinogion’s Wave Sweeper of Manawydan and I’ve stuck with the Wave Sweeper and Manawydan in my books in order to excavate and preserve the original.


Dawn was known as Aurora to the ancient Greeks, while to the Celts she was Andraste. The female Iceni warrior Boudica released a hare to Andraste at daybreak just before she went into battle against the Romans.

The promise of Andraste, though, has to be experienced subjectively. It’s very difficult to find the words to convey her gentle, divine sweetness as she comes tip-toeing through the window at sunrise. Perhaps she is best described as radiating invisible healing essences that are only present when her aurora penetrates the land and interacts with the green mantle at sunrise. Once the Sun has fully risen, her essences vanish. You have to be up when night cracks open to reveal that “morning has broken, like the first morning” and “blackbird has spoken, like the first bird” because only the early bird catches the worm!

So what do I mean by ‘essences’?

In my book The Grail Mysteries, you’ll read about Derwos, the oak tree, instructing the two dwarves, Sgilti and Hen, on the different realms that make up the Underworld. One of those realms is the Realm of the Essences and, in this following extract, Derwos describes what essences are and how they are connected to colour (light) and frequencies (sound), which are all used for healing.

“But there are many other realms besides that one,” Derwos went on. “Take, for instance, the Realm of the Essences…”

“You mean like fragrant essential oils, that give the flowers their perfume?” Sgilti asked.

“That’s right, there are essences that contribute towards the aroma of the flowers,” the tree went on. “But did you know that every single thing in the universe has an essential fragrance that vibrates at a specific frequency?”

Sgilti and Hen shook their heads in wonder.

“Well, I’m not surprised,” the oak said. “The Earthling’s sense of smell is not very subtly tuned and it only picks up on the more obvious scents. However, whether you can sense them or not, they are all essential to life – that’s why they are called ‘essences’.

“One of the functions of the essences is to send messages to your brain, to instruct it to release certain other essences that are needed for repairs. Essences can also have an impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing – whether you’re aware of them or not.”

The two dwarves were finally silenced in fascination, so Derwos went on.

“The Realm of the Essences works in harmonic cooperation with Realm of the Rainbows. The rainbows contain all the hues for the natural world, and those colours also have their own frequencies.

“Then there’s the Realm of the Music. You probably don’t realise it but all the great orchestral masterpieces came to their composers originally in dreams. Even popular songs, when they catch on… you know when you hear a tune for the first time and it makes you feel so that you want to hear it over and over again? Well, that song would almost certainly have come from the Realm of the Music. The otherworldly spirits compose them with just the right frequencies and in the right order to send instructions to your brain to make you feel good.”

From The Grail Mysteries by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

So next time you wake around sunrise, why not try what I often do? Take advantage of this very special time when Andraste is impregnating the land with healing essences from her pale pink, silken gossamer wings.

Throw open your window, then snuggle back into the cosiness of your bed and just relax, and let your mind drift towards the sound resonance of the birds’ dawn chorus that holds all the promise of this brand new day.

By meditating on the dawn chorus, you are gradually swept up into a much wider choir of creation that’s being conducted by the Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Then you’ll realise that it’s not just the birds that are singing. At frequencies that are only heard by those who journey inter-dimensionally, the trees and the flowers are toning their harmonic greetings to Andraste too – and even the sea shells on the sandy shores and the quartz crystals in the standing stones are joining in this joyful Hallelujah Chorus to herald the dayspring.

It’s only when I fly into this enchanted, ecstatic symphony that I realise the new day is exactly that – a new day. Whatever the suffering of all the yesterdays previously, this day is a newborn opportunity. It’s a day of unique essences that has never been birthed before and with it, a whole bright rainbow of promise.

Sometimes we can feel like we’re trapped in a permanent Groundhog Day – but as the movie showed, that sense of stuckness and boredom is just a matter of perception because we’re out of tune with what’s right in front of us and out of rhythm with the day’s natural pulses.

Every single day is different because Andraste’s choir at sunrise sets the tone and the rhythm for the day with new songs made up of new essences. Those essences offer healing that is customised to meet the needs of each and every part of Nature – not a blade of grass is passed over or forgotten – and that means us natural beings too.

So do enjoy these imbibing the special, delicious aromas and dance to the tailor-made music, because this particular day will never come again. When we get attuned to that day’s song of creation, our life goes much more smoothly and we have more energy.

Thank goodness that sweet, fragrant Andraste never gives up offering us those fresh opportunities after every turn of the Earth around the Sun, to put the past behind us and to rise up rejuvenated like the red ball of Sun to meet our challenges once more with joy and love in our hearts.

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