Chlorinated chicken, Hard Brexit, American trade deal and fake news

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

There’s a lot of fuss today in the press about a trade deal with Trump meaning that we would have to accept imports of American chlorinated chicken and also GM foods. So here’s a few points of information on that:

Firstly, no-one should be eating mass produced chicken anyway because all non-organic meat and dairy currently on sale in British supermarkets comes from animals fed on GM-soya, and has done for a number of years, long before the 2016 referendum for Brexit.

I only eat locally-raised organic meat and dairy from grassfed or free range animals. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive … but not massively so and the health benefits far outweigh the cost.

And so if we all vote with our wallets, America will soon get the message and swap out the chlorinated chicken for something else. It has done similar deals with other countries who didn’t want various of their products .. and it will do so with us. German supermarkets had to stop stocking GMO-fed chicken when customers refused to buy it.

However, many of us are already buying those bags of salad leaves from supermarkets, which have been cleaned in chlorinated water, and have been for decades. So the idea that Brexit will suddenly catapault us into a world of lax health regulations on food is a myth. We are already there and it is up to the customer to make informed and empowered choices. Anyone waiting for the State to transform into a more selfless, altruistic and maternal type that just wants the best for its people will have a long wait.

The fake news is that the European Union is against GM foods. It isn’t. It is anti-America and it used the excuse of GM foods to drag its feet on signing the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) – which Trump, when he took power, tore up. The real news is that if we had stayed in the EU, under TTIP, our government could have been sued by the global corporations, known as Investor States, for refusing to stock GM foods.  You can read more on that here.

Secondly, and again while we’re still in the EU, our supermarkets already have loads of GM foods on their shelves. We realised that at The Holistic Works a few years ago, and decided to bring out the Shop GMO-Free in the UK app, to help people discover which foods contain GMO ingredients and also their nearest organic meat and dairy supplier.




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