Opening the doors of our perception to a more fulfilling world

Who was it that said “Life is a bitch … and then you die.” Modern life can seem superficial, harsh and meaningless … that is until we dig beneath the surface to discover a deeper path to a more fulfilling and fruitful world. These words from the introduction to Hamlet’s Mill by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechen sum up that malaise, and explain what is it caused by, and then how it can be put right:

When man discovers remote galaxies by the million, and then those quasi-stellar sources billions of light-years away which confound his speculation, he is happy he can reach out to those depths. But he pays a terrible price for his achievement. The science of astrophysics reaches out on a grander and grander scale without losing its footing. Man as man cannot do this. In the depths of space, he loses himself and all notion of his significance. He is unable to fit himself into the concepts of today’s astrophysics short of schizophrenia. Modern man is facing the inconceivable.

Archaic man, however, kept a firm grip on the conceivable by framing within his cosmos an order of time and an eschatology that made sense to him and reserved a fate for his soul. Yet it was a prodigiously vast theory, with no concessions to merely human sentiments. It too dilated the mind beyond the bearable although without destroying man’s role in the cosmos. It was ruthless metaphysics.

By Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Not a forgiving universe, not a world of mercy. That surely not. Inexorable as the stars in their courses – miserationis parcissimae, the Romans used to say. Yet it was a world somehow not unmindful of man, one in which there was an accepted place for everything, rightfully and not only statistically, where no sparrow could fall unnoted, and where even that which was rejected through its own error would not go down to eternal perdition; for the order of Number and Time was a total order preserving all, of which all were members; gods and men and animals, trees and crystals and even absurd errant stars, all subject to law and measure.

This is the philosophy of existence I am aiming to help re-establish with the Mystery Teachings in my books. It shouldn’t be too difficult a task because these stories are seeded in the race memories we carry in our DNA, known in Celtic faery lore as the Rivers of Blood. At the same time, this ancient golden seam of advanced cognitive understanding has been left to us in coded myths by our ancestors and hidden in their under layers are magical keys that unlock the doors of perception within the human mind. 

So if you’d like to take the first steps towards understanding the cosmological thinking that underpins this universe where no sparrow can fall unnoted and where there is no eternal perdition – just beings evolving as inexorably as the stars revolve through learning from their “mistakes” – you are welcome to START HERE with my Mystery Teachings.

(I won’t recommend that you get Hamlet’s Mill by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechen because, even for someone like myself who has been immersed in this kind of stuff for decades, it’s not an easy read! )

Annie Dieu-Le-Veut is a shaman who lives in Glastonbury, Somerset, and she writes books on the shamanism, Earth mysteries, the Grail Mysteries and sacred shamanic sex magic.

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