Welcome to my apothecary! You probably know that an apothecary is a sort of repository or storehouse, and so how ever you got here – by hook or by crook – you have just entered the most amazing repository where I store and share all that I’ve learned about hundreds of mind-body-spirit healing remedies and solutions, from a wide variety of different types of shamanic healings to holistic therapies, herbal medicines and ancestral nutrition … and everything in between.

I’m a former journalist and mythologist. But for the last two decades, I’ve been a shaman and dowser of songlines who traces the original wisdom teachings of ancient myths, known as the Mysteries, and then breaks down their hidden meanings to throw open the doors of perception.

As a result, on my other blog Annie Dieu-Le-Veut, you will find lots of articles on the philosophy of shamanism, the Mystery teachings, Earth magic, sacred sexuality and Christian mysticism. I’ve written books on these subjects and you can find them here on Amazon.

But this is my personal blog for sharing all that I’ve learned from living in the Vale of Avalon.

I first came to Avalon in Somerset almost 50 years ago, along the secret Green Road of the Soul, the “Mystic Way that leads through the Hidden Door into a land known only to the eye of vision”, as the 20th century mystic, Dion Fortune, described it.

I live now where she did, in the town of Glastonbury, next to the Abbey, and my garden is bounded by a grey stone wall built by medieval monks.

I’ve been shown, in vision, that there was a Scriptorum on the other side of that wall during the 12th and 13th centuries. I sometimes feel like those scribes are in my study, guiding my inspiration.

But it is here that I practise many different kinds of shamanic healing alongside the ancestral spirits of the land. And I’ve learned a lot since I’ve first came here, such as how to grow my own herbs from which I make alchemical tinctures that resonate with the cycles of the stars. I administer sound healing with my voice and tuning forks. I also use crystals, and my house is often filled with the aroma of burning pine gum that has come from trees growing on the Tor.

When I’m not writing my books, I love experimenting in my kitchen to create the lovely delicious soul medicine food that is helping me to look and feel so good. As I have got older, I’ve found that it’s vital to choose foods that are grown locally and which would have been eaten by my ancestors to stay well. My body loves me for eating that way!

I hope that you will find all you need here in my apothecary to strengthen your energies, your spirit and your heart, so that your mind and body can remain strong and thriving into the future.

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