Holistic help for stress-related mental illness in women

pexels-photo-1035684.jpegA news story released on International Women’s Day tells us that women are four times more likely than men to suffer from stress-related mental health disorders and could wait for more than 10 years before getting a diagnosis. Apparently anxiety disorders are the commonest mental health problems and people are worrying themselves sick and becoming ill with anxiety.

Prof Lucey, consultant psychiatrist and medical director of St Patrick’s University, said he wanted to make people, especially women, aware of anxiety disorders so they could get help in time.

“Where anxiety features are prominent, it is more likely women’s symptoms will be dismissed rather than diagnosed or treated. The reasons for this are entirely environmental, societal and cultural,” he said.

Dis-ease leads to disease

Of course, that dis-ease can eventually turn into disease is nothing new to the holistic health practitioner. And the one thing that holistic health does really well is stress release. On The Therapy Book, there are listed around 28 different holistic therapies which are used for releasing stress and anxiety, from the Alexander Technique to Yoga, and going via Bach Flower Remedies, Meridian Therapy and Watsu.

Another therapy often used in the treatment of those suffering from stress and anxiety is Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). Practitioners claim to have had some success with NET in preventing stress going on to cause more serious illnesses.

What is neuro emotional technique?

NET is a psychotherapeutic alternative form of therapy which is based on the idea that emotional and behavioural problems are linked to physical conditions within the body. Hence, by addressing one problem you are also addressing another.

The therapy works on the assumption that emotional or psychological problems can be subconsciously held within the muscles of the body. For example, if we are afraid of something, our bodies will react by tensing the muscles, even though this reaction may be totally subconscious and hence we are not really aware of doing this action.

NET therapy seeks to identify how the body is reacting to certain feelings and emotions and to de-tune the body, so that it disassociates the reaction. In this way, when we are presented with the same fear, our body does not react in the same way and our fear is no longer felt.

Treatment is based on the same key points of the body and meridians as used in traditional Chinese medicine. Hence by identifying the problem, the correct point can be tapped and the emotion can be released.

Is neuro emotional technique an effective form of therapy?

There have been several case studies into the effectiveness of neuro emotional technique therapy, which have shown positive results when treating emotional stresses.

But further studies are needed to determine the effectiveness of neuro emotional technique therapy with a wider number of psychological conditions.


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