Getting through the Dark Night of the Soul in one piece

by Ishtar Babilu Dingir

It seems to me that a lot of us are going through the mill right now. The stuff that hits the fan is flying all over the place and so that it can be difficult, at times, to see the way through. Sometimes, it feels like whatever we do goes wrong. Sometimes, we feel just like curling up in a tiny ball and hiding in the corner until this – whatever it is! – is all over.

If this is you, don’t worry…. you’re not alone.  Please don’t stress if you think you’re making a mess of all this, either, just because all your dirty underwear is all over the floor where everyone can see it. Alchemically speaking, that’s progress! It’s known as the putrefaction stage of the alchemical process. It’s also known as the Dark Night of the Soul.

So just remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Hold on to your hat, and read on for some esoteric, shamanic techniques to help you get through it.

Alongside all that nasty, smelly putrefying stuff, you may also feel that your kundalini serpent energy is rising. This may seem strange to you – after all, isn’t progress in spirituality all about becoming full of light, joy and goodness? Well, no, not always, and particularly not if you’re following the alchemical journey.

The putrefaction process leads to what some alchemists call The Peacock’s Tail, because of the explosion of psychedelic colours that can be seen via the pineal gland or the third eye. How is this activated? By the rising of the kundalini. And so you may be feeling signs and symptoms around the sacral area to indicate such stirrings, like a sort of irritation, a shifting movement, sometimes a sort of twitching. If this is you, too, again please don’t worry. It’s all part of the shift.

When the serpents rise, it will happen gently, when the time is right. The process can’t be forced anyway. It’s on the clock of your destiny and the serpents will know when it’s time to begin their dance. When it happens that way, organically and naturally, there’s no chance of burn-out or all the other problems people tend to get when they force the serpents up before their time. It’s just a very beautiful and ecstatic experience.

However, because several people have contacted me about these issues, I just want to give you a couple of extracts from my book, The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, which will help to guide you through all this.

If you haven’t yet read it, The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar is about how our ancestors, and also how we too today, can use the alchemical fire of sex to raise the energetic serpents up the body to the ‘chalice’ of the hypothalamus where they release dia-magnetic red and white drops of nectars on to the pineal gland, and this ignites the Uraeus which activates the higher brain centres.

It is the ultimate wake up call – the red pill of the Matrix – which reconnects us to our god and goddess selves.

 The Dance of the Two Serpents


First, I’ll explain what the kundalini rising means and how it works, so that if yours starts rising, you’ll know what’s going on and not panic.

So let’s get started.

Kundalini is an Indian term for a snake-like form of esoteric energy that lays coiled at the base of the spine. But in the ancient Egyptian sex rites, the kundalini was known as the djed.

Raising the Djed

There is a thoroughly gorgeously, nectarfully, utterly blissful state of shamanic sexual ecstasy which is achieved by the raising of what the Egyptians called the djed, which is energy coiled at the base of the spine.

Djed means ‘that which stays erect’ and it is the real meaning of all the so-called phallic obelisks. They’re not actually representing the erect phallus, but an erect energy which runs up the centre of the body in the form of sekhem (life force or chi) when these magical magnetics are aroused.

As discussed in previous chapters, obelisks come from the teachings of the Serpent Cults, and I believe that the sex magic which you can learn from my book was its core teaching. We also saw the importance of this state of erection in metaphor on the Sumerian tavern engravings of Dumuzi, who stands completely erect, as if in seizure, while in copulation with Inanna.

The purpose of raising the Djed is to accumulate enough of this energy, which is known as sekhem, alchemically, so that it can be sent up through the pathway of the chakras and into the head centres.

There are two forms that this energy takes and so once you start to feel it ascending, you will need to visualise them as two serpents. They were known to the ancient Indians in their tantric practices as Ida and Pingala. But to the Egyptians they were the Gold Solar Serpent and the Black Lunar Serpent and they are alchemical opposites with different paths through the alchemical container of the body. When they meet, the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon takes place and this is when there is a possibility of immense energy.

When the two serpents reach the crown, they become known as the Uraeus, which anoints the higher brain centres and leads to increased intelligence.

The Gold Solar Serpent ascends up a line which begins at the base of the spine and goes up into the cranium. The Black Lunar Serpent follows the secondary pathway, which extends from the perineum to the crown.

As they ascend, they crisscross one another to form nodes at each chakra, and magnetically energise them, as they go. The chakras spark into life as each one is touched in this alchemical weaving dance. In this way, with the interwoven pattern, the two serpents create what’s called the Central Column or Central Pillar. This spiralling and interweaving of the Gold Solar Serpent and Black Lunar Serpent continues all the way up the body, as shown in Figures 5 and 6 below.

Figure 5

Figure 6, The two channels taken by the serpents

Figure 6

Back view of the path of the two serpentsIllustrations by Gerri Mcloughlin

Eventually the two serpents reach the crown and then the hypothalamus, which is visualised as a Chalice. The Black Lunar Serpent rests its head on the left hand side of the rim of the Chalice, and the Gold Solar Serpent rests its head on the right hand side.

The Ambrosia of the Gods

At the same time, what feels like a ball of fire starts to grow in the solar plexus region, and after a while, it begins to rise up through the body. It eventually reaches the head and then it passes through the centre of the Chalice between the two serpents and on up into the crown of the head.

From here, a remarkable phenomena occurs which I believe is the true meaning of all the red and white imagery seen in sacred art, the blood and water of the crucifixion, or Joseph of Arimathea’s cruet, and to me it is the true Holy Grael.

From the left side of the Chalice, an energy descends that is liquid in nature. These are known as the Red Serpentine Drops. From the right, another liquid energy begins to descend. These are known as the White Serpentine Drops. Both drops descend into the Holy Grael cup or Chalice of the hypothalamus and bathe the pineal gland.

Now I’m sure that, if you’re the sort of person who regularly reads articles like this one, you won’t need any further information about how the pineal gland is also known as the third eye because it gazes into other dimensions. And you’re almost certainly aware that the pineal gland looks like a small pine cone, from which its name was derived, and that there are ancient stone carvings of Assyrian gods carrying pine cones along with their handbags, and that even the Pope has a huge garden ornament of a pine cone, next to which sits an empty sarcophagus, which says it all really.

So I won’t mention anything about all that…especially as we’re getting to vital bit:

From this stage, if the conditions are right, the woman may be able to open her Magnetic Floor, and then the loving couple will experience a sweet ecstasy otherwise unachievable by any other means on this Earth. This is because all their magnetic fields are activated and the Ka body is fed with the sweetest honey nourishment from the Living Waters.

This sweetness can sometimes be tasted at the back of the throat. It was known as ‘amrit’ in the Vedas, and the Egyptians called it the Spring Waters. The Greeks called it the ‘ambrosia of the gods’. The Hebrews called it the Land of Milk and Honey. Sometimes, when you are tasting the Living Waters, you can see light in your head. If you focus on this light, it leads to even more ecstasy.

Shamans have a saying: “Energy flows where attention goes.” So as soon as you taste this sweetness, and experience this ecstasy, the trick is not to lose it and get spaced out, but shift your awareness to your Ka body. By doing so, the honeyed and dripping nectar of the ecstasy, or ‘food’, can flow into the Ka body.

So now you know what bliss is in store for you, hopefully you’ll be better able to relax into this process if it begins to happen to you.

Some of this article is extracted from Part II of The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar. In this book, you’ll find the complete how-to guide for all the shamanic sex exercises, and also learn more about their context alchemically and shamanically.

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