For readers in EU countries

THIS IS TO LET READERS IN THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND AND OTHER EU COUNTRIES know that they are now longer able to take delivery of my books – or any other books – from, for the time being at least. There are customs difficulties at the borders in the UK, where a post–Brexit trade dispute between Britain and the EU is yet to be resolved. You will, however, be able to get my books, published in English, from Amazon in your own country or that of any other country in the European Union.

If, for instance, you are in Ireland and you try to buy The Dragon Whisperer’s Son from, you will get the following message.

This is not strictly true. It is a print-on-demand book and so to say it’s not available or out of stock is an oxymoron. It is just the way that Amazon has decided to deal with the ramifications of this trade dispute.

However, if you are in an EU country, you can buy the exact same book, published in English, from any other EU country’s Amazon, such as in France, in Germany, in Italy and in Spain. This is because there are no customs borders between countries that belong to the European Union, which are all part of a single market.