The Dragon Whisperer’s Son

THE FIRST BOOK of The Glastonbury Chronicles recounts the rite-of-passage to manhood adventures of the child of Gwyddion and Arianrhod. The very name ‘Gwyddion’ means ‘wise one of the forests’, and so who better to turn each walk in the countryside into a magical mystery tour to a dragon’s cave of esoteric treasures?

As we follow his son through the trials and challenges designed to help him develop the cunning and the wisdom he will need to fill his father’s shoes, we also benefit from the teachings he receives on bird magic, flower magic, tree magic, star magic and weather magic. In this way, we undergo a similar metamorphosis. So we are not the same person that we were when we first entered this forest and we may even begin whispering to dragons ourselves…

But this is not just a tale about magic …

Each chapter of The Dragon Whisperer’s Son is devoted to bringing to life one of the twelve psychological subconscious archetypes – such as The Ruler, The Lover, The Sage, The Magician and The Fool – making every episode of an object lesson about what happens when a human gets stuck in one of their shadows.

So you may recognise lost parts of your self in those Shadowlands, and when you do, it will nourish the seeds of your dreams and visions, and help you find a way through to wholeness.

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