“Once you understand the difference between orthodox and alternative medicine, you realise there is no alternative!”

Image: Mind Body Spirit Odyssey by Emily Balivet

By John Board

Author of The Therapy Book

You can’t help noticing over the last few years that the growing disillusionment with mainstream health providers is increasing exponentially, as they become more and more mired in endless scandals of cover-ups, fraud and cronyism between the pharmaceutical industry and so-called independent health watchdogs, doctors, physicians and healthcare trusts.

Despite the much-hyped amazing advances in medical science, the hospitals have never been fuller, while ‘incurable’ diseases have been created by this medical model, such as antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Added to that, Obamacare has put state sponsored healthcare in the United States beyond the financial reach of many, and it seems to have all just been a scam to line the pockets of the insurance companies.

The World Health Organisation, and even now Médecins Sans Frontières, seem to be becoming part of a quasi-military operation with the aim to inject and thus control the masses with untried and untested vaccines, many of which have caused great illness and even death. These once great and respected institutions are now part of an enormous global spiderweb of persuasion and propaganda that uses the mainstream media to create terror and compliance over deliberately weaponised viruses in Africa, a continent of people which racist eugenicists have made no secret about wanting to decimate, to be able to get at their natural resources, but using a false idea about over-population of the Earth as cover.

There is room enough on this planet for everybody – but not for those who blithely destroy more than 50,000 square miles of boreal forest and peat bogs at a time, such as in Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada, purely for oil revenues. There is also no room on this Earth for those who frack the groundwaters – making the waters undrinkable and unusable for generations to come; or those who aerosol spray the skies with ‘chemtrail’ poisons; or those who mess with the genes of our crops so that they cause obesity, sickness and sterility; or those who terrorise good people that just want to live quietly, in their own way, on their own land. No, there is no room on this planet for those people – but as they only make up about 1 per cent of the population, they wouldn’t be missed!

So given the above sorry state of affairs, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s an increasing demand for more natural, sustainable and holistic healthcare solutions – remedies that don’t rely on chemicals which the body naturally rejects as alien invaders (euphemistically-termed ‘side effects’) or ‘magic bullet’ solutions, such as chemotherapy, or surgery which treats the human body like the enemy in the operating theatre of war.

Even orthodox medicine at its best and most altruistic is based on the domination and control of the presenting symptoms, taken in isolation from the person presenting them, which is a pretty inhumane form of “care”. It comes from an old and now outdated scientific approach, derived from the premise that the correct solution can only be reached by separating the observed from the observer, the animate from the inanimate, the material from the spirit or soul. We now realise that this was an illusion and that the human being is a whole lot more than just a collection of symptoms.

The human physical body is an integral part of the human person, and so effective healthcare solutions must work in gentle co-operation and negotiation with the whole individual – mind, body and spirit.

This more natural method of healthcare has become known as ‘alternative medicine’ – although once you understand the difference between the two, you realise that there is no alternative! Not if you want quality of life, anyway. A better term might be ‘holistic health’ for a healthcare method which treats the whole individual, rather than just a range of presenting symptoms.

Why I wrote The Therapy Book

The only problem is… where to start? How do you break away from such a destructive healthcare model, and adopt one that is more in line with nature and natural processes? How can you find out which holistic health remedies, supplements and therapies will be good for you and your family? How do you go about owning and taking control of your own body again, and become responsible for what goes into it?

This is why I wrote The Therapy Book.


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Get The Therapy Book here


Why I wrote The Therapy Book

As a practising hypnotherapist, I’ve always had the client’s welfare at the forefront of my mind. And if I felt that the type of therapy that I was offering may not have been the best one for them or their condition, I always let them know. But it wasn’t always easy to tell this to a client … especially if I didn’t know what to recommend instead.

So rather than just saying ‘sorry’ and showing them the door — leaving them frustrated and wondering in which direction to turn — I felt that I needed to have a complete “toolkit” of other possible therapies. That way, I could recommend a more suitable therapy for them.

That’s when I started to search for comprehensive and unbiased information on other therapies. But, at first, my search was quite futile. All I could find was a handful of the well known therapies, but not much else was easily available

So my mission began, starting alphabetically from A to Z. Hours of research turned into weeks and weeks, and the more I searched and researched, the more diverse were the therapies I found. I was frankly amazed that there was so much available to keep us well outside of mainstream healthcare.

Then, as I gathered information about each therapy, I began to format it under these different headings, to help me find what I was looking for more easily and quickly:

  • what each therapy is
  • how each therapy works
  • what each therapy can be used for
  • whether the therapy is effective
  • whether there are any known side effects

By dividing the information about each holistic therapy into those sub-headings, it made the book easily searchable. I also made sure to use plain language and organised it all into easy-to-digest bite-sized chunks, so that you don’t have to be a health expert to understand and benefit from this book.

And so that’s how The Therapy Book came about.

Now, with full information on hundreds of holistic health therapies at your fingertips, on your Kindle or other e-reader, you will have this vital, valuable resource to help you take more ownership of your family’s health and wellbeing.

The Therapy Book is also an invaluable tool for the complementary therapist who wishes to widen their knowledge and expertise in the field of alternative or holistic health, as well as a simple means for continuous professional development.

Available at Amazon.com’s Kindle store, The Therapy Book makes a very handy and indispensable holistic health bible for everyone and anyone who wants to know how to stay healthy and fit naturally. If you’re in the UK, you can get it at Amazon.co.uk.

If you like, you can also join our popular Facebook group: Organic Shamanic – where we discuss many of the therapies and remedies in the articles in The Therapy Book and on this blog.

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