How to go down three dress sizes without really trying – step two

This article is Step Two in the series How to go down three dresses without really trying. Click here for the introduction and here for Step One. Step Two builds on Step One in that it is addressing the same theme –  of over-inflammation in the body.

I think you’d be surprised at how much water the body holds on to, to deal with inflammation. I know I was… and very glad am I too, to get rid of it all. Friends tell me that my face now ‘looks more defined’ – their kind euphemism for ‘not so puffy’ – I can now wear dresses and jeans that I haven’t been able to get into for years.

So here we go… Step Two is to drink Sole, a salt water solution, in the mornings because it restores the acid-alkaline balance to the body, and it’s the acid environment that causes over-inflammation. Sole is also brilliant for detoxification, reducing the risk of heart disease, healthy digestion and overall wellbeing. And in my experience, it has led to a beautifully soft and blemish-free skin.

You just need to put a teaspoon of the Sole in a glass of water – I prefer warm water – and drink it before breakfast.

The best book about how all this works is Water and Salt: The Essence of Life and Healing Power of Nature by Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira.

water_and_salt_essence_of_life_front_coverThey say: “The blend of water and salt is the mother soup of all lifeforms in the flexible, physical representation of pure sun and light energy. The word Sole comes from ‘sol’, the Latin word for sun, because it is the liquid materialisation of sunlight. Sole means liquid sunlight or liquid light energy.”

They are not talking about ordinary table salt by the way, which is sodium chloride. This ordinary salt is very bad for you because it raises the blood pressure and also makes our bodies hold on to water, to deal with it. The salt used in Sole is of a much higher quality and it is natural salt – either pink Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt, which is much better for our health, and it is what restores the natural acid-alkaline balance in our bodies.

See The Benefits of a PH Balanced Diet

Himalayan pink salt and Celtic sea salt is, of course, made of the same components as table salt,  but its crystalline structure means more surface area and thus, pound for pound, it contains less sodium. It also contains many vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are lost when the salt is highly processed, as ordinary white table salt is.

The processing involved in making table salt strips it of all its minerals, apart from sodium and chloride, and it is also chemically cleaned, bleached and heated at unnecessarily high temperatures. Then to add insult to injury, it’s treated with anti-caking agents which prevent salt from mixing with water in the salt container. So you can imagine what that anti-caking agent does in our bodies as it prevents dissolving within our systems, and this lead to a build up which is then deposited in the organs and tissue, causing severe health problems.

None of the above applies to natural Celtic sea salt and Himalayan salt (which is also a sea salt, just laid down a millions of years ago), and it has the following health benefits:
  • creates an electrolyte balance
  • increases hydration
  • regulates water content both inside and outside of cells
  • balances pH (alkaline/acidity) and help to reduce acid reflux
  • prevents muscle cramping
  • aids in proper metabolism functioning
  • strengthens bones
  • regulates blood pressure
  • helps the intestines absorb nutrients
  • improves circulation
  • dissolves and eliminates sediment to remove toxins


It’s important too, to use high quality water in your morning Sole – in other words, not tap water –  but ideally spring water or filtered water. You need to create a 26 per cent salt solution for this method and the best way to learn how to do this is to follow the steps in this video by Karen Atkins. She uses the larger Himalayan salt crystals, which is great if you can get them, but I have used both ordinary Himalayan salt crystals and also Celtic sea salt and achieved the same beneficial effects. I only prefer the Himalayan because I love the pink water it makes!

Anyway, please do watch this video and then try it out for yourself. I’m sure you’ll find the same amazing health benefits as I did!

Now let’s go to Step Three of How to go down three dresses without really trying.

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