Put it in your diary: Saturday May 23rd – Mums Say No GMOs March in London

Mums Say No To GMOs are marching in London on Saturday 23rd May  – meet at Richmond Terrace, London SW1 at 12 midday.

Mums Say No to GMOs is a new group of articulate, intelligent women in the UK speaking out against GMOs. It was founded in response to Beyond GM’s Letter from America campaign (www.theletterfromamerica.org) and inspired by the campaigning work of mums in the US.

Their desire is to prevent the UK going down the same road as the US when it comes to GMOs. Here she talks about the situation in the UK and what mums here would like to see happen next.

Nutritionist Sally Beare has joined Mums Against GMO – and she talks about it here on this video.

Shop GMO-Free in the UK app

We’re the first to bring out an app containing the GM status of more than 10,000 foods sold in UK supermarkets, Shop GMO-Free in the UK, which you can download for free here!

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